Espresso & Matcha's Dynamic Guide to the Tastiest Japanese Food in Brisbane

Throughout the last couple months, I've numerous requests to give a dynamic ranking of the Japanese Restaurants in Brisbane which I have frequented.

Despite these requests, I have been rather hesitant for a number of reasons, firstly because Japanese food comes in a number of categories such as Sushi, Ramen, BBQs or Hot Pots, it might be unfair to grade them all together. Secondly it may give off a bad impression on the ones at the bottom of the list, because whilst they are not at the top, this does not necessarily mean that they are bad. I make it my policy not to go to places if I know quite certainly that it is bad, or I've heard quite bad reports about it. As a result of this, the list may give the reader that the places at the bottom of the list are places to avoid, I'd like to say that unless the description says so, then it is not the case, it simply means that they are not as good as the ones above it.

As I encounter more places and blog about them, this list will be updated on a (hopefully) regular basis.

Sono - The epitome of Japanese food in Brisbane, but for a rather expensive price. Offers a range of fine dining options.

Nonbei Sake Bar - Authentic Japanese BBQ, offering the tastiest Wagyu I've had in Brisbane along with fresh Salmon all you can eat.

Oshin - One of the longest established Japanese restaurants in Brisbane. Consistently great food in a very peaceful environment.

Nikuya - A rather new addition to Brisbane's Japanese food scene, it blew me away with its quality and authenticity.

Nikumaki Honpo - A little snack bar in suburbia. Offers one of the most traditional and comforting rice balls.

Genkotsu Ramen - Newly opened in Runcorn, serves up delicious and authentic ramen. I noted a lot of the customers are Japanese, which gives the place a lot of credibility.

Ramen Champion - Opened in Sunnybank last year, the ramen is tasty and the place is quite vibrant and youthful. 

Motto Motto - Run by the owners of Sono, definitely gives the place credibility. Food is quick and simple but of a very high calibre.

Oishii Sushi Bar - A favourite of many locals, although not run by Japanese. Offers a large variety of delicious sushi rolls.

Birds Nest - A relatively new concept for Brisbane, the Yakitori here is always of high standard. A word of warning, the place is always packed, so make sure you book a table.

Wagaya - A rather popular store hidden upstairs in Fortitude Valley, serves up a large range of sushi, ramen, bento and desserts. Technologically advanced in the sense that you can order via computer. Recommended to book early, especially during dinner time.

Mappen Menya - Quick and easy. Reminiscent of traditional Japanese street food. Very affordable price.

Ku-O - Delicious mains at reasonable prices. Very good drinks menu. Desserts need some work though.

Sushi Kotobuki - Popular sushi shop situated in South Brisbane. Very popular with locals. Caters to a more Western palate. 

Kakuson Sushi - Quiet little sushi shop in Kuraby, run by non Japanese. Their serving portions are generous and ingredients are very fresh. 

 Teppanyaki Lovers - Inconspicuous little shop in level A of Myer Centre, offers authentic and generous portions of teppanyaki at affordable prices.

Sushi Train - Probably one of the largest Sushi chains in Australia, has consistently good taste. Very convenient as there are multiple branches all around Brisbane. 

Harajuku Gyoza - Quite famous among locals, with a casual and contemporary atmosphere. Good food, but a little bit on the pricey side for gyozas. Definitely recommend booking before going.

Ann Gyoza Bar - Popular gyoza bar in the Emporium complex. More refined atmosphere than some of the casual restaurants. Super fast service. Portions a bit small.

Shabu House - Hidden from the bustle of the CBD, Shabu house offers a large selection of sushi and shabu shabu for a reasonable price. I'm not to convinced of its authenticity though. 

Sushi Edo - All plates of sushi are $3.50, every day, all year round. Portions a bit smaller than other sushi trains, and not as good quality, but value makes up for it. 

Ichiban Yakitori - Yummy and quick authentic Japanese meals for the days you forget to bring lunch in the city. Could probably have a bit more variety in their menu though. 

Bonsai Botanika - Has excellent coffee and hot chocolate. Its food needs a bit of improvement for the price.