Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Howzat Burger - Brisbane CBD

With all the new burger places popping up all over Brisbane, and a close friend who is a burger connoisseur, it was only sooner or later that I would accompany him to Howzat Burger (*^▽^*). 
Howzat burger is situated on the Valley end of Adelaide Street, close to All Hallows School, a brisk 15 min walk from the city centre. Apparently, it shares premises with Ecco.
*It was only after mentioning this place to a colleague, did he tell me that all the names at Howzat are cricket themed. Very interesting indeed.

Howzat's Adelaide Street Store has limited opening times, being open for lunch on Tues - Fri only.

Arriving at 12.30 on a weekday, the lines were impressive!

It took quite a while to find seating for three.

Upon ordering, we are given a number, and food is brought out to us.

The first burger that came for my friend was the fish burger. He thoroughly enjoyed it and commented that it had great flavour, but would like to try the pork belly burger next time.

My burger connoisseur buddy ordered 'The Don', being the beef option in the menu. He also really enjoyed his burger at Howzat, particularly the melty cheese.

He also ordered fries on the side. I liked how it came in a small bucket, its very cute and different to the normal types of packaging. The chips were pretty regular, and slightly on the salty side.

I snuck a pic while my buddy was eating 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜) I hope he doesnt mind too much haha 

Being an avid fan of bacon burgers, I ordered 'The Warnie', which in addition to bacon, had Monterey Jack Cheese and Wagyu Beef. Very yummy indeed!

The bun itself, was fresh and soft. The patty was juicy not oily. The cheese was very tasty, and the tomato jam was a good change from the regular ketcup that other stores use.

Again, my chips were also a bit on the salty side. I guess its a matter of preference.

Undoubtedly, Howzat burger is a great addition to Brisbane's burger scene. My burger connisseur friend still says that Miel Container is the best burger joint in Brisbane, but Howzat is definitely not far off. In terms of pricing, all burgers sell for $12 each, whilst sides are around $5. Not cheap, but not expensive for a corporate lunch, Howzat is good for a day when you need that little bit of extra encouragement.

Price Range: $12-$20 per person

Taste: 8.5/10
Value: 5/10
Service: 7/10
Environment: 6/10

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