Monday, 12 December 2016

2Forks - Milton

Last weekend Espresso and Matcha was invited to try Milton’s 2Forks, which had opened a mere two months ago. Having had a trying work week and enduring the gloomy weather, we were looking forward to 2Fork’s offerings of wings, ribs and burgers served with their signature pulled meats. Having taken a stroll around Park Road we found 2Forks tucked away on Railway Terrace, not too far away from main thoroughfare, but in a nice quiet corner. 


We were promptly seated with rather large menus provided. There was a system for making your own meal with choices including burgers, rice and burritos. On offer was Beef, Pork and Lamb, we considered it a sign of confidence by 2Forks that they were offering a variety of ways to serve the pulled meats. Having been invited to quite a few restaurants now, I am always more impressed with places which let you have your own pick of their menu (as opposed to serving up a set menu), because it shows a certain confidence when they know that you could be reviewing any item that we so chose to order.

We found the décor simple and very practical with a bit of a rustic twist to it. The setting was clean and very open. What I found reassuring about 2Forks was the transparency and visibility of what was on offer. The setting had quite an orderly style to it, where you could order your food, see it put together an then collect it at the collection counter. 

Before we ordered at the counter, we took some time to appreciate their banner which detailed their inspirations and motivations for creating this restaurant, which is always a good thing to be aware of when ordering.

On the point of transparency, the selection of pulled meats and veges were clearly visible from the counter, which ensured we could see what we were ordering (always a good thing).

For those like us who ordered a burger, their selection of breads were also available for us to view. 

We made our order at the counter and on our way back we noticed there was a spice cabinet. It was a welcome change from the usual condiments on offer and with the additional explanation guide, I think it is an excellent feature of 2Forks. As an improvement I would like to see additional herbs and sauces on offer. Whilst we appreciated the cabinet we naturally chose onion and garlic salts, because you can never have too much garlic. 

With our order being made and drinks on hand, we made or way back to the table to wait patiently for our food.

Despite the pick up counter, our meals were served directly by our friendly waitress, who also brought out sharing plates for us.

Our first main was the USA Style Pork Ribs served with chips (half portion). The massive ribs were very homey and reminded us of ribs that our mums would make. At first we were in awe at the size of the ribs, but slowly but surely we got through the ribs. The meat was firm, as opposed to the super tender fall off the bone style, we had to work a little to get our meaty reward off these bones. The chips were crispy and quite delicious when covered in all the meat juices. We found the combination of the sauce and the ribs a little on the sweet side but overall very yummy. We would definitely like to see more meats offered as the portion of chips seemed a bit too much. The chips were lightly seasoned allowing us to try the garlic and onion salts we had acquired from the herb cabinet, but next time we would definitely opt for the side of coleslaw instead to give the dish a bit more balance.

As a side we ordered some spicy wings that were served with blue cheese mayo. The chicken was tender and easy to eat off the bone. The sauce was reasonably spicy and did not overwhelm the chicken. Further I found the batter a little thick but consistent that did not overwhelm the chicken. I found the portion generous but not overwhelming. My friend believes the sauces should always be kept separate from the chicken but I was happy to just munch on some very crunchy fried chicken. The blue cheese mayo also served to cool us down if it became a little too spicy. Overall the wings were a very delicious side that really gave our tastebuds a serious workout. 

Our other main was the pulled Mexican beef burger. The burger was served with lettuce, cheese, spicy Mexican chipotle chilli sauce and avocado and lime salsa. My friend and I both agreed the brioche bun was wonderful but wished it had been toasted. The pulled beef was a little resilient, but otherwise was not too oily and did not turn the burger soggy. Whist the beef was a little firm but tender, we really enjoyed the spicy flavours that definitely added punch to the burger. I think that sides to the burger would have made it a more holistic meal and the option for customising your own burger would also be a great option in the future. 

Overall we enjoyed our meal very much and found 2Forks service friendly and accommodating. With the unique offerings of pulled meats in a variety of meals in generous portions, Milton’s 2Forks is no doubt a welcome addition to Brisbane’s food scene. 

Espresso and Matcha were invited guests of 2Forks, as always, our opinions are solely our own.

Price Range: $15 - $25pp

Taste: 8/10
Value: 9/10
Service: 8/10
Environment: 8/10

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