Friday, 19 December 2014

Jade Buddha - Brisbane CBD

With Christmas almost upon us, it means that corporate end of year functions are also under way. My organisation, which shall not be named, held their party at Jade Buddha.

While there were a number of seats inside the restaurant, we were seated outside next to the Brisbane River.

To start, we were all given one complimentary drink each.

Half of my colleagues were served with the Lamb Rack. I hear that it was a bit over done to be classed as medium rare, and the sauce was a bit lacking, but other than that it was quite yummy.

On the other hand, I had the Sous Vide Chicken Breast. It begs the question, what is Sous Vide? Sous Vide is a method of cooking in lower temperatures in an enclosed bag to ensure that the meat is cooked to a consistent level throughout, whilst maintaining a level of moisture. To this point, I found the meat cooked really nicely. It was indeed very moist, and I particularly liked how the skin was done. I also really liked the potato, and the nice shape it was cut into. I found the chicken was heavily reliant on the sauce, to which some of my colleagues mentioned they did not have enough. Indeed, looking across at different plates, I realised the amount of sauce each person had been given was quite inconsistent, but so far as my own dish, I found it relatively pleasant.

Between the choice of the two desserts, the date loaf was the less exciting one. Whilst I didnt get to try it personally, colleagues informed me that the loaf could have been more moist, and the warm banana would have been better if we had been indoors with air conditioning, but the peanut brittle was really crunchy, and the vanilla sauce on the side was also really good.

Thanks to the person whom I sat next to, I got to eat the Chocolate Pudding. It was a very big portion for a dessert, almost eclipsing the main actually. The pudding was very very rich, and moist. Luckily we had cream on the side. The wafer stick was very crisp, but the ice cream melted too quickly in the heat.

For such a large event (catering around 60 people), I think Jade Buddha did a pretty good job. The service was friendly and efficient, but there could be a bit more consistency for the same dish.

Price Range: $20 - $40 per person

Taste: 6/10
Value: 5/10
Service: 7/10
Environment: 6/10 (may be better if we had been seated inside)

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