Saturday, 20 February 2016

Yangs Cuisine Traditional Taiwanese Food - Sunnybank Hills

For those of my readers who have heard of my friend, the Burger Connoisseur, he is not merely a burger fan, but also a devout lover of Taiwanese Food. With this in mind, last time we had dinner, we went to Yang's Cuisine on Pinelands for authentic Taiwanese food.

We grabbed a table, and some menus. Just like Shin Yuan, we had to order and pay at the counter before food would come. Interestingly we did not get a number, and they were able to bring out our food without any hassle.

Like most Taiwanese restaurants like Kingsfood, we had unlimited light broth (but no water). The soup was much stronger in taste than Shin Yuan, and I found this much more enjoyable.

Most of the meals came out in this set which contained rice or noodles, a main and a couple of side dishes. This was the braised beef, which one companion had. I didn't have it on this instance, but the braised beef at Yangs is usually quite tender and soft, but strongly seasoned. It makes for a very nourishing comfort food.

Another had the deep fried pork chop, which was battered with potato starch (which is one of the more prevalent batters in Taiwan. The rice was also topped with delicious braised pork, which added taste to the plain rice. Being a fan of short grain rice, I'd like to make mention to the fact that they used traditional short grain like the Taiwanese usually use. There were two types of veges on the side, some pickled cabbage, and some stir fried Chinese greens with garlic, that balanced out the meal quite a bit. My companion would have liked there to have been a second piece of pork chop though.

Burger Connoisseur got the deep fried chicken bites, served with rice. Interestingly, the chicken bites were coated in a flour base rather than potato starch, Burger Connoisseur said he liked it more than his usual chicken fillets. 

I enjoyed the deep fried chicken fillet, served with noodles. Whislt it didnt come with side dishes like the rice did, I was in the mood for noodles. The chicken fillet, whilst definitely far smaller than Hot Star, had similar seasoning and batter. The portion of noodles provided was also very large, and topped with delicious braised pork and some greens. The soup was steaming hot and the noodles had a good texture. Like my companion, I wish there could have been a bit more chicken though.

In addition to our meals, we also had two snacks to share between the four of us. We had a portion of deep fried tofu, and pan fried dumplings. Both were huge, considering they were only snacks. They were both very crispy and delicious. It came with a sweet tangy barbecue sauce. Whilst the dumplings didn't contain soup, I still found it quite juicy.

Price Range: $10 - $20pp

Taste: 8/10
Value: 7/10
Service: 5/10
Environment: 7/10

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