Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Doo Bop Jazz Bar - Brisbane CBD

Most of my readers by now would have realised my deep affection for video games, but another less known passion I have is for Jazz. Having been to the Brisbane Jazz Club at Kangaroo Point several times, I was quite pleased to hear that there would be a new Jazz Bar, Doo Bop opening in the CBD. Despite wanting to go to the opening night, tickets were sold out very quickly, and so I settled on going the second week. The pace consisted of two levels, a Jazz bar in the basement, and a Piano bar at ground level. We opted for the two course dinner and tickets to Mal Wood's performance on Saturday night at the basement.

Wanting to get good seats, we arrived a little early and were the first ones to arrive. Seats were already allocated, and we had the middle table in the second row which was ideal.


Having purchased the ticket with a two course dinner, we were able to choose a main and a dessert from their menu. Drinks are sold separately.


Drinks wise, we decided on a citrus mocktail, a watermelon chili cocktail and some white wine, all of which were thoroughly enjoyed that evening.

Being one of the earlier arrivals, our food came quickly and we were able to get a good look at it before the lights dimmed. As a jazz restaurant I liked that they made an effort to create a creole/new orleans themed menu to make our experience all the more authentic.

One companion ordered the Cajun Spiced Lamb Shoulder with Hoppin' John. For those who didn't know (myself included), Hoppin John is a South Carolina dish made with black eyed peas and rice, often eaten in on New Years Day for good luck. I tried the lamb which (although small four a shoulder), was very tender and I loved the strong cajun spices.

My other companion ordered the red mullet, prawn and scallop jambalaya, which was a Louisiana style dish similar to Paella. I also tried some of this dish, and found the prawn to be particularly satisfying with its char grilled exterior but still moist interior. 

My main was the Braised Rabbit Pappardelle, which stood out and piqued my curiosity. The pasta was fresh and quite dense, which made it very filling. I enjoyed the rabbit, which was similar to chicken, but with a more gamey texture. The mushroom sauce was strongly flavoured but not too heavy in texture.

The show started after our meals had arrived, and it was just spectacular. We all really appreciated the great music and the passion the performers had for their art.

Dessert though, came during the act, and I definitely struggled to take good pictures in the dim light. Special mention to Queen V who held the candle for me to take these shots. This was the pecan pie, which was supposed to come with a cinnamon milkshake. We didn't manage to identify the milkshake, but that may have been the cinnamon cream on top. The pecan pie was very crunchy, but with a very hard base that was difficult to break apart being the downside.

The highlight of our desserts was no doubt Queen V's key lime pie. With the strong tang of lime, coupled with lemon curd and the sweetness of vanilla ice cream, it made for a really strong tasting and memorable dessert.

My choice of dessert was the apple pie, which was served delightfully warmed and on a shortbread base. The apple was quite deliciously caramelised, and the texture contrasted well with the crumbly biscuit base. 

Price Range: $53pp

Taste: 8/10
Value: 8/10
Service: 9/10
Environment: 9/10

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