Friday, 16 June 2017

Little Dreamer - Calamvale

Having been converted to being a brunch fan since around two years ago, I've definitely gotten on board with the popularity of breakfast share boards which flood my instagram feed. Living on the southside, it would usually take me a substantial drive up to New Farm to find a decent one. That is until I learned that Little Dreamers, who opened its doors earlier in the year at Calamvale, a short 10 minute drive from home, had started serving up delicious breakfast boards as well, I was very interested to try it out, which is why I found myself there with two companions mid morning last Saturday. 

There were indoors as well as outdoor seating, but we opted for an indoor setting away from the glare of the sun.


Decor was simple but elegant, I thought those two vases of roses were quite pretty.


The menu had quite a few breakfast options, the owner Shawn explained to me that they had both traditional and contemporary options, but I already knew what I was there for, and there was no deliberation as to what our choice of breakfast would be.

Other than the options on the menu, there was also a delightful pastry cabinet with a selection of bread, slices and drinks. 


On the topic of drinks, ours came not long after ordering. My companions had a latte and a cappuccino, whereas I had the matcha latte. Both coffees had silky smooth milk, which my companions really enjoyed, although trying a sip, I would have preferred a stronger coffee. Perhaps next time I will get a double shot. As for my matcha latte, it was also smooth and rich, interestingly strong in match a taste without the usual bitterness, making it quite enjoyable.


Having ordered the family breakfast board, we were advised that there would be a slight wait due to the time taken to piece the board together, and I have to say, it was well worth the wait.

Coming out in two levels, the bottom level was filled with savory breakfast staples, whilst the top level was packed with sweet treats. It took quite a bit of work before I could find a good angle to fit the whole board onto one photo! Speaking to the owners, I was told that they drew much inspiration from the food photos all over the internet, combining the concept with their chef to create this masterpiece.

Starting from the bottom, there was sourdough toast, bacon, sausages, hash browns, haloumi, scrambled and fried eggs, avocado, mushrooms, tomato and spinach. The avocado was not as ripe as I would have liked it, but not overly hard. The egg had a crispy edge around a runny egg yolk, which was quite delicious, as for the scrambled eggs, it was extremely fluffy. I enjoyed the crunchy hash brown, which was freshly fried, and the portion of bacon was quite generous. The haloumi was also well fried without being overly toasted, and the mushrooms were seasoned well. I had some avocado on the toast, but found it slightly dry and lacking in jams or sauces, speaking to the owners afterwards, they advised that this could be requested separately. Next time I go, I will definitely ask for it.

The top layer comprised of pancakes, berry compote, some fruits, chocolate, popcorn, ice cream and fairy floss. Compared to the lower level, there was definitely enough condiment for this portion. By the time we started, the ice cream had melted a little and combined with the berry compote to make quite a delicious mixture to top the pancakes. Compared to other pancakes I've had in other establishments, these ones leaned towards the more heavy and dense side of the spectrum, which ensured it was quite filling, though I know that some people do like their pancakes fluffier. The fruits were fresh and sweet, which my companions appreciated, and the ice cream cone was very crunchy, allowing for a contrast in texture. 

We had a great time at Little Dreamer, and look forward to coming here again. Of course given the size of that breakfast the three of us did not have any room to fit in lunch that day.

Espresso and Matcha were invited guests of Little Dreamer, but as always our, our opinions are solely our own.

Price Range: $55 for the family board

Taste: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Environment: 8/10

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