Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Melt Brothers - Garden City

Most of my readers will know that there are two ingredients that (in my humble opinion) there can never be too much of, garlic and of course, cheese. Cheese is one of the most versatile ingredients, able to be eaten savoury or sweet, hard or soft, chilled or melted, but regardless of the variations, it is undeniable that there is nothing more comforting than a tasty grilled cheese sandwich for dinner, which is why I am a big fan of Melt Brothers. Having gone to their Gresham Lane venue numerous times, I was super pleased to land an exclusive chance to try out some of the items on their new menu with the Tomcat family last Friday.

Setup was much akin to the city store, with a similar clean white brick theme.

We grabbed a table inside, and were presented with a copy of the new menu. Noticeable differences from the old one include:
  • The permanent addition of Mi Goreng Crazy which is insanely popular and has a near cult following;
  • Signature Mouse Trap has now become four cheese instead of three cheese (yay more cheese!)
  • New breakfast item Shake that Hass for those wanting a lighter alternative
  • Additional add on items to allow for more customisation
  • Price point adjustments.

Making our order at the counter, we were given a buzzer.

Drinks also came quite promptly, and the standard variety of juices and soft drinks were available. 

One of the infamous brothers, Justin then came out to introduce himself to us and have a quick chat about the inspiration for his love of cheese, the desire to push the limits of what can be found in the burger and the desire to eventually open Melt Brothers all across the country. For the love of cheese, I sure hope this does happen!

Before long, the main event arrived. That night, we shared four grilled cheeses'.

First off was the ever popular Mi Goreng Crazy, containing the namesake Mi Goreng, roast chicken, fried eggs, spring onions, sriracha mayo, mozzarella and cheddar.  Honestly I was quite skeptical of this before trying it, but after, I can say that I am a believer. The noodles were cooked to a perfect tenderness without being over or underdone. The abundance of chicken, egg and onions gave the dish some much needed protein to balance out the carb on carb combination. Overall I found it to be quite a delicious sandwich tasting just like a comforting bowl of noodles, a bit more spring onion would have helped give it a bit more zing and made it that more refreshing though.

From the all day menu, we also tried the Morning Glory, a glorious classic comprised of maple bacon, fried eggs, sriracha mayo, mozzarella and again cheddar. What would have been a very savoury mixture was definitely complicated by the delightful sweetness of the maple bacon, which was wonderfully crispy. Compared to the Mi Goreng Crazy, the mozzarella and cheddar took centre stage of this sandwich. I loved the wonderful stringy texture of mozzarella combined with the sharp tang of cheddar. This would be a grilled cheese worth waking up for.

The monthly special, which I couldn't resist trying even though it isn't on the permanent menu was the Royale with Cheese. Comprised of two beef patties, onions, pickles, American cheese, ketchup and American mustard, this was essentially a burger in a sandwich. The beef was ground a lot finer than what I've been used to in other burgers, and didn't have the usual meaty texture I am quite fond of. I did really enjoy the distinctive taste of delicious American cheese, and with the sauces and pickles (which were thankfully not too sour), it almost transported me back to America.

Our final grilled cheese, the Meltdown, was Mrs Tomcat's favourite of the night. Comprising of pulled pork, slaw, pickles, bbq sauce, mozzarella and cheddar, it was definitely the healthiest of tonight's options. I too really enjoyed the refreshing touches that the slaw provided, with the slight tang of pickles. The pulled pork and cheese were a little overpowered by this, but given the amount of cheese we already had that night, this was fine.

As a side, we also had a serve of the loaded tater tots. They were freshly fried, crunchy and I particularly liked that the cheese ran through the whole cup rather than being just on top. As a side though, this appealed to me as a single sized portion (or perhaps I'm just greedy), but I would definitely welcome larger share portions to satisfy both myself and Baby Tomcat.

No meal is complete without dessert, no matter how full we were, so we got a dessert bun to share. Consisting of vanilla ice cream, nutella and sprinkles inside a freshly toasted bun, my inner child screamed with excitement. The warm toasty bun contrasted the ice cream and vanilla really well, creating an almost deep fried ice cream taste to it. Also, I love sprinkles.

Price Range: $6.50 - $20pp

Taste: 8/10
Value: 7/10
Service: 9/10
Environment: 8/10

Espresso and Matcha were invited guests of Melt Brothers, but as always our opinions are solely our own.

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