Saturday, 10 January 2015

Sushi Train - Algester

After watching it get built up, Sushi Train Algester finally had its grand opening today!

Despite arriving at 5.45pm, I was told there would be a two hour wait to get a table of 4. Even though I understood that there is usually a wait for Sushi Train sales, 2 hours was quite unprecedented for me.

And so we waited, and waited. Luckily I came prepared with extensive reading material.

After a grueling two hours, we finally got a table. We started off with the salmon ikura ships, as this is usually one of the more expensive dishes on offer, I have been to other sushi stations when they were on sale and found that they reduced the portion size to one piece per dish only. Clearly I wasnt impressed with that. Comparatively, Sushi Train Algester was far more reasonable. The Ikura was fresh and the portion was generous, and the rice was cooked just right. 

Next we had the Unagi Nigiri. Apparently there was a global eel shortage last year, and again some shops had cut down the sale portions to one piece per dish, but they didnt have it at Algester. I found the quantities between pieces to be rather inconsistent though, as you can see one piece has a rather large slice of Unagi, whilst the other piece is comparatively quite small.

The Aburi Salmon was generously thick cut, and had just the right amount of sauce.

I found the salmon to be fresh and yummy.

The Chicken Meatballs were nice and hot, and the chicken mince was nicely textured with the additional corn mixed inside of it.

Compared to the other sushi trains, I found the wagyu here to be cut a lot more thin, and to be rather overcooked. The texture was not as nice as other branches.

This is a new dish that I've not seen in other sushi trains, it was a salmon avocado salad ship. I really liked how the flavours complimented each other and I really enjoyed it.

Next came the Tobiko Ship, I have never seen such a generous portion of tobiko before, as you can see it was literally spilling off the top.

Following the salmon avocado salad ship, I got the Salmon Avocado Seafood Ship, and the Aburi Salmon Avocado Seafood ship, which is basically the same as above, but instead of nori, it is wrapped in salmon sashimi instead. All the more yummier.

The avocado on the Salmon Avocado Nigiri was also very generous.

Next came the only fried food we ordered in the whole meal, Crumbed Oysters. It was freshly fried and piping hot. We found the batter to be a bit thick though.

Last but not least, we ordered the Salmon Avocado Handroll, which was a first for us during a Sushi Train sale, because usually hand rolls are off the menu for that day. Of course, we found it quite impressive that the this was available on such a busy day. When it was set down, my associate commented that she had never seen such a large hand roll before. As you can see in the picture, the wedge of avocado was really big, and the salmon was generous. But the seaweed wasnt really that crispy, and down the bottom was only rice. But for $3, it was still well worth the price.

We ended up polishing off almost 40 plates.

What I particularly like about Sushi Train is that they are really big on consistency, so even though you may go to different stores, the taste of the sushi is pretty much guaranteed.

Whilst Algester isn't the best of the Sushi Trains that I have attended, its definitely above the average.

Price Range: $3.50 - $5.50 per plate.

Value: 8/10
Service: 6/10 (was a bit chaotic, but understandable)
Environment: 7/10 (clean and vibrant)

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