Sunday, 11 October 2015

Sinmei Tea - Fortitude Valley

After a long working week, what could be worse than having to work on Saturday? Unfortunately that was the position I found myself in yesterday. After such a long week's work, I was lucky enough to have a friend pick me up and take me out to chill after such a long day's work. He ended up driving me to Sinmei Tea House, situated in Scrumptious Reads in James Street Fortitude Valley. With the name of my blog being "Espresso and Matcha" one can imagine how keen I was to try out the newly popular Matcha Tea House.

Although it took a while for us to find the restaurant, once we were inside, we found it had a really peaceful and calming atmosphere. I particularly appreciated how quiet it was from the bustling street outside.

The menu consists of two pages, of which most were drinks. They had a small selection of desserts and brunch as well.

The desserts were on display at the counter, there was the Earl Grey Angel Cake, Matcha Loaf, Matcha Lamingtons, Scones and Matcha Yoyos. They all looked so delicious, we had quite a hard time deciding what to order.

There were a small amount of seats indoors, with most seats outdoors. Thankfully we got the last table indoors, as all my readers know, I dislike sitting outdoors.

Our food and drinks came together after a short wait.

My friend ordered the Matcha Hot Chocolate, which was served in a large mug, covered with whipped cream. It was very rich and creamy, although it didn't have much chocolate flavour. It was also served relatively unsweetened, which ensured we could adjust it to our preferred level of sweetness.

My Matcha Latte was also served relatively unsweetened. Again it had minimal coffee flavours, but was light and foamy. I like how it was garnished with tea leaves, which emphasised the delicate matcha flavours. My friend and I did notice however, that aside from the difference in textures, the two drinks were essentially the same.

We were very impressed by the Earl Grey Angel Cake. It had a light and flowery scent, with a fluffy airy texture. Being an avid fan of angel food cakes, I enjoyed it quite a bit. Having said that, the added earl grey tea leaves in the cake did detract a bit from the usual smoothness of the cake though.

Price Range: $6 - $20pp 

Taste: 8/10
Value: 6/10
Service: 7/10
Environment: 9/10

Sinmei Tea Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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