Saturday, 5 December 2015

Double Shot Riverbend - Bulimba

With my not infrequent brunches nowdays, a friend decided to take me out to try Double Shot at Oxford Street, which is conveniently situated opposite Sugo Mi and outside of Riverbend Books, as I had really enjoyed going to their New Farm outlet.

The restaurant was quite full on the day, and we missed out on the last table, so we had to wait for a while to get a seat.

Water and a menu was provided as we waited, which was very appreciated.

We ordered at the counter and were given a number (once we got a table). Surprisingly, the food and drinks took quite a long time to come out.

As usual, my companion ordered his English breakfast, and I my cappuccino. He found the  tea to be a bit smaller than the usual ones, and my coffee was milky, but could be a bit stronger. 

After chasing up on our meals twice, our food finally arrived.

This was the breakfast board, which we chose to have sliced ham (rather than smoked salmon). We found the eggs to be slightly overdone, but the avocado was fresh and ripe, and the bread was crusty but soft on the inside. The crushed parsley oil was the highlight of the meal for me, and it made the toast all the more delightful for us. Again, I found the feta to be too strong too early in the morning, but my companion definitely liked it. 

The reason why we opted to have ham on our breakfast board was because there was smoked salmon on our Double Shot pastry. It was very tall, and so the first thing we did was to dissect it to find out what is inside. It was filled from top to bottom with fluffy scrambled eggs. The pastry was deliciously thin and flakey, and the tomato relish added depth to the dish. We enjoyed the fresh salmon as well, which complemented the taste of the pastry. I would have liked it better though, if there was something more than just scrambled eggs in the pastry to give it an extra dimension.

Price Range:

Taste: 7/10
Value: 7/10
Service: 6/10
Environment: 8/10

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