Monday, 14 March 2016

The Whisk - Upper Mt Gravatt

Being quite a fan of french patisseries, despite living in the southside, my regular go to is at Le Bon Choix in the CBD, or at Chouquette at New Farm as I can't find another authentic bakery nearby. Fortunately though, I read quite a number of articles recently on a new patisserie situated near Garden City at Upper Mt Gravatt opened by an award winning pastry chef, Justin Yu. Having heard that they sell out early, I convinced a friend to take me there in the early hours of Saturday to try it out.

Arriving just before 8AM, I was surprised to see a large crowd there, and the croissants almost gone. In fact there was only one chocolate croissant left meant that we definitely just made it in time.

There were a number of macaroons on display, despite it them all being chocolate coloured, they were labelled with a variety of flavours, and had different flavoured fillings such as peanut butter, mango, sesame and strawberry. There were also a small row of chocolates. What really caught my attention though, were the two types of cakes on display, one being the passion almond tart, and a chocolate brownie. Most of the seating was outside, but we were lucky to be able to grab one of the three inside tables.

Between the two of us, we shared a plain croissant, an almond croissant and a passion almond tart, along with some English breakfast tea. 

I really enjoyed the plain croissant, which was very flaky whilst being soft on the inside. It was slightly savoury, but had a slight sweet glaze on the outside, which made it quite a delicious way to start my morning.

Initially I had some hesitations about the chocolate croissant, because I may not have been ready for the full intense flavour of chocolate so early in the morning. This turned out to be quite unfounded, upon biting into the croissant, I realised that there was very little chocolate, and quite a bit of croissant, which agreed very well with me, but would disappoint if you were hoping for something akin to the Love at First Bite from Doughnut Time.

As for the Passion Almond Tart, I really enjoyed the strong fruity taste of the tart (even though my companion initially misconstrued the passion fruit taste for lemon). I also liked how it had blueberries in the biscuit base, which was crunchy and crumbly, but the standout for me was definitely the yummy fruity custard on top, which was soft and not over the top sweet. It's also noteworthy though, that I didn't seem to taste much almond in the tart. 

I wanted to also mention the tea, because for once, the tea was strong enough for my friend's liking, and it was also loose leaf. The design of the pot though meant that pouring was not easy, and it was prone to spilling when poured.

Price Range: $5 - $10pp

Taste: 8/10
Value: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Environment: 8/10

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