Thursday, 3 March 2016

Sushi Train - Runcorn

Without a doubt, the Sushi Train in Warrigal Square, at Runcorn, is one of the most restaurants popular of the chain. When I go to Cha Kee or Rice Paper, one of the things I often note is how packd it is even when at full price. 

With the anniversary sale last Saturday, I could not resist going and trying it for ourselves. With our anticipated wait, we attended at 10:30am in hope of avoiding the 11:00am crowds. Unsurprisingly, there was already a small crowd of people waiting.

Specialised rules were made up for the event, and postsed along the restaurant. We thought that the 40 minute time allocated would be a slightly rushed lunch, but thankfully service was reasonably fast.

We were given a number, and thankfully were in the first batch of people in the restaurant, so the wait wasn't unbearably long.

We were given a table next to the train, and provided with menus in which to order from. Due to the anniversary sale though, hand rolls were not available for ordering.

Condiments and cutlery were sparse, which was rare, as other places usually have a supply of mayonnaise and wasabi on the table with chopsticks. 

The first dish we ordered was the Aburi Scallop, it came with very large pieces of scallop, on top of a rather small piece of rice. It had a deliciously springy texture to it, and it was still warm from being freshly burned.  

The next dish we had was the aburi beef, which is a usual source of joy for us. However in this instance, this was unfortunately overdone, but the portions were still large, and the rice was nice and small.

Of note, was the Salmon Ikura Ship and the Salmon Avocado Ship, which are usually the considered the more expensive items on the menu, are usually provided in reduced single serve portions on anniversary sales. We were very impressed to see that they were still serving two piece portions, with generously thick salmon and substantial toppings. 

We were also impressed to see that despite the avocado shortage, which had rendered quite a few breakfast cafes unable to provide avocado in their dish, Sushi Train still hadn't reduced the amount of avocado provided in their Salmon Avocado nigiri. 

It was only halfway through our meal that our green teas arrived.

Other dishes that we had included the Unagi, which came in quite a large piece, unfortunately one of the pieces had come off, but it was still very tender and juicy regardless. Tobiko is always one of my favourites, because of the crunchiness to the fish roe, this was no different. What was interesting though, was the availability of crab stick sushi, which is a rarity in sushi trains. I really enjoyed these crab sticks, especially because they were the proper Japanese style ones, as opposed to the regular supermarket variety.

On the topic of crab, we also tried the deep fried crab claw. Whilst I haven't had it in Sushi Train, I've had it in several other stores before, and most of the insides consisted of floury paste or mashed potatoes, as opposed to crab. I was pleasantly surprised to bite into the one at Sushi Train and find that most of it was filled with delicious crab meat, which impressed me greatly.

We finished off our meal at 16 plates, which wasn't as much as our usual 20, but considering how generous the portions were, and how early in the afternoon it was, we were quite satisfied with our meal. Without a doubt, I'd consider the quality of food to be significantly higher (quality and quantity) than the Sushi Edo chain, and given the anniversary sale, it was great value and a very enjoyable lunch despite the absence of hand rolls.

Price Range: $3.00 to $5.00 per plate

Taste: 8/10
Value: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Environment: 7/10

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