Saturday, 10 September 2016

Pablo & Rustys - Brisbane CBD

Close friends of mine would know that when it comes to coffee, my preferred choice has always been for filter or brewed coffee which contains all the strength and body of coffee, without the distracting frothy milk on top. Unfortunately though, those kinds of coffee are hardly mainstream in their availability, so when I saw that Pablo and Rusty near work sold brewed coffee, I headed over to try it out.

I found it quite distinct from other cafes in two aspects, firstly with its minimalist, ikea-esque style, and secondly the fact that it doesn't take cash, but operated on a card only basis. 

After ordering, I was offered a sample of their nitro brew coffee, whilst it wasnt the smoothest nitro brew I've had, it was a definitely strong in taste and also very refreshing.

I got two coffees takeaway, and in line with their minimalist style, the "tray" was formed by one piece of card, folded around to form handles. I found it innovative and quite ingenious. 

I got a brewed coffee and a plane croissant. Similar to the nitro brew, it could have been smoother but had a very strong taste to it. With such a strong taste, I definitely believe that a richer smoother milk would have made the drink far more balanced. 

For me, the highlight of Pablo and Rusty is definitely their GIANT croissants. Being a fan of warmed pastries, I asked them to have it toasted as usual, but was soon told that they did not have a toaster on site, but was reassured that the croissant was made fresh that day. Taking it back to work with me, I found love at first bite. The pastry was a perfect balance of flakiness, crunchiness with a soft interior. My only hesitation was the copious amount of oil left on the serviette after I was finished. 

My friend, on the other hand, got a Cappuccino and Brownie.

Having tried a sip of his coffee, I found their cappuccino to be far more agreeable than their brewed coffee. For some reason, the milk was far richer and smoother than what I had in the brewed coffee. Next time I'll probably opt for a cappuccino too. 

My companion also got a slice of brownie which I also tried. It was unbelievably crumbly, and moist without being overly sweet, but still very very chocolatey and I really enjoyed it. 

Price Range: $5 - $15pp

Taste: 8.5/10
Value: 7/10
Service: 8/10
Environment: 8/10

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