Monday, 13 February 2017

Sushi Train - Cannon Hill

Being in the middle of a heatwave is quite uncomfortable. Although I know some people like the sweltering heat, I still do know quite a few who detest it. I fall into the latter category, and cannot stand the Brisbane summer. Having said that, living in Australia, the heat is unavoidable, so we do do what we can to stay cool, such as eating delicious sushi for dinner, and with the anniversary sale at Sushi Train, Cannon Hill Station, I couldn't resist.

Arriving at around 6.00, we waited for 20 minutes before getting a table. Due to the anniversary sale, we were advised that we were allowed only 40 minutes eating time, and whilst this doesnt seem much, it was more than sufficient for us, because we could literally sit down and start eating without the hassle of considering the menu, waiting for food to be cooked and served.

I liked the fact that they put a large assortment of sushi on the train, not merely the lower valued types, but also quite a few normally more expensive options. As always, they double stack their sushi on anniversary sale days to ensure food gets served as fast as possible. As usual, I had quite a few plates, so descriptions will be brief.

This is the Salmon Ikura ship. I like how it came as two pieces, despite the menu photo having reduced its portion down to one piece already. The added spot of wasabi on top was quite cute, and the generous amount of ikura was literally spilling out.

The avocado salad ship was also delightful, offering a creamy variation to the previous dish, but still came with sprinkles of crunchy tobiko.

The Aburi Scallop leaned toward the raw-er end of the spectrum, but was very large, which contributed to an excellent rice to topping ratio. The creamy mayonnaise on top was also appreciated. 

Salmon avocado nigiri was fresh, the salmon wasnt the thickest slice I've had, but decent. Same with avocado, it wasn't the most generous portion, but still very ample.

We observed quite a few unagi on the train, and they seemed to be extremely varied in the topping sizes. I picked a dish which had relatively consistent topping sizes, but was a little disappointed that it had already cooled from being on the train for so long.

Having gone to quite a few Sushi Train stores, I always find that I enjoy the Aburi Beef, which is always tender and melts in my mouth. Unfortunately for me, this one that I had was extremely overcooked, resulting in quite a coarse and dry texture. 

Only around halfway through my meal did our drinks arrive. Perhaps it was because of how busy the store was, but I did have to remind them several times before our green tea arrived.

This was the roast pork nigiri which came topped with some mustard seeds. It made for an interesting combo, but I'd probably decide to stick to my usuals next time, as the pork was a little dry for my liking.

The soft shell crab was quite crunchy and well seasoned, however I could swear that other branches seem to have more than two pieces in a serve. The onions and cucumber definitely also added to the crunch.

We finished off with a dish of Tuna Nigiri. It was relatively thick cut, and quite fresh, but having tried some fatty tuna at another store lately, this did disappoint me a little because it didn't have the melt in your mouth effect.

Whilst this isn't the best of the Sushi Train stations, I'd definitely say that Cannon Hill is well above the standard.

Price Range: $15 - $30pp

Taste: 7/10
Value: 7/10
Service: 6/10
Environment: 7/10

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