Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Winner Winner - Paddington

Having read a couple of glowing reviews of Winner Winner, I decided to finally use my $10 Ubereats voucher and grab some fried chicken to satisfy my cravings. Again, I have the same issue with Ubereats not allowing me to specify when I would allow my food to be delivered (so that I can put down my order mid morning, to have the peace of mind that it will arrive at 12.30pm, rather than waiting until exactly 11.45am to make my order). So without any other options, I waited for 11.45am to put my order down. I ordered a take home pack and realised that the app didn't allow me to order the extra pieces of chicken, so I called in afterward to put in a phone order for some extras, but got them complimentary due to app technical issues, and for those who know me, little gestures like this make all the difference.

By now, dear reader, you would have noticed that the above photo actually is a Deliveroo bag. Apparently my Ubereats driver had run out of Ubereats bags, and so my meal came instead with Deliveroo packaging.

My food came around five minutes earlier than expected, and it was quite a spread.

This was the boneless box. Which contained four pieces of tenders, two thighs, some chicken bites and some bread and pickles.

For our sides, we had a serve of crinkle cut chips and coleslaw. For some reason, their eat in menu incorporated the option of shoesting fries, but we couldn't get that on uber.

Extras we ordered included one drumstick and one wing.

Before you wonder whether or not I ate all this on my own, let me go out and say an emphatic no. I shared the box with my neighbour and he also had the drumstick whilst I had the wing. He had the winner winner sauce, and I opted for the garlic aioli.

I'd start by saying that the chicken was seasoned marvelously. I ordered it with original level spiciness, and found it had just the right amount of hotness for me to still be able to appreciate the other flavours. The chicken tenders and the chicken bites were considerably drier than I would have expected, but considering they came without skin, I wasn't too surprised. The thigh and wings were substantially more moist and had a delightful crunch when I bit into it. I was slightly perplexed by the slice of bread that it came with (being used to brioche or dinner rolls), but was informed by Meatballs and Beef Cheeks that this is how Nashville Hot Chicken is usually served, with the bread under the chicken to soak up any oils and meat juices. The chips were slightly soggy from the condensation during their bike trip to the city, and I have no doubt it would have tasted better if I had it in store. The coleslaw was super generous, and even half of the portion resulted in a little mountain on my plate. It was undoubtedly fresh, but considerably warmed by the chicken (I do note that Foodora seems to be able to do this better by separating out their hot and cold foods during delivery). Garlic aioli was creamy and delightful. I tried the Winner winner sauce, which was a little vinegar-y and packed quite a zing.

Price Range: $15 - $25pp

Taste: 8/10
Value: 6/10
Service: 8/10
Environment: N/A

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