Saturday, 18 March 2017

On Dam Korean Cuisine - Brisbane CBD

As a foodie, there is hardly anything more joyful than satisfying a longstanding craving. The only thing that could possibly make it more enjoyable is to share the food with people who are equally as passionate about food as you. Enter Mandy Bernadette and Cino's Mum. Having read Joe K's reviews on On Dam Korean Cuisine a few weeks ago, the place has long been on my mind to point of near obsession. So of course, we had to try it out!

The restaurant was situated somewhat outdoors but under cover, with plastic coverings instead of walls. It wasn't too hot when we went, but I imagine it would have been an issue during the peak of summer. Arriving a little before 12, it was empty. People started filing in right after, so it was lucky we got there early!

Menus were placed on the table for us, and there were SO MANY CHOICES. As someone who is not known for being indecisive, it actually took me quite a while to decide what to eat. 

Our food came soon after. To share, we had some mini pancakes, which came in three flavours, Kimchi, Chives and Seafood. I tried both the seafood and kimchi, to find that the pancakes could definitely have been a bit crispier for my liking, but reasonably flavoured. I particularly liked the kimchi pancake, which came with just the the right level of spiciness, the seafood one on the other hand was quite mild. The dish also came with a bowl of salad, which will be covered later. 

One companion had the Braised Short Ribs Soup,

Another had the Stir Fried Glass Noodles with Veges and Beef.

I opted for one of the On Dam Home Style Sets, specifically Set E, as they no longer sold Set G. I chose it for its variety, and did I have choices! It came with a large pork cutlet, rice, spring rolls, udon, salad and some pickled turnip. Starting with the udon, the noodles tasted fresh and the clear soup was quite nourishing, I really enjoyed the tofu skin on top as well. The pork chop was freshly fried, and the gravy on top gave it some much needed flavour. The spring rolls had some sort of powdery batter on the outside, which I didn't enjoy very much, preferring my spring rolls unbattered. The salad was a little strange, consisting of leafy greens topped with a creamy garlicy pineapple dressing. The only thing I'd also suggest is for the meal to come with a side dish of kimchi, but for the price of $15.90, it was excellent value.

Price Range: $10 - $20pp

Taste: 8/10
Value: 9/10
Service: 8/10
Environment: 7/10

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