Friday, 2 February 2018

HeereTea - Sunnybank

For all those who didn't notice the construction, the store which used to hold Harcourts Sunnybank is now the new home to HeereTea Tea and Dessert, a bubble tea place which seems to originate from my hometown of Hong Kong. Having been tipped off by the ever current Brisvegustation about their opening buy one get one free special, I grabbed a friend and headed there to try it out. 

Initially wanting to try before grabbing lunch, we were surprised to see that it was closed even at 11am, and only open between the very limited hours of 2pm and 7pm. So of course, we resigned ourselves to having our drink and chat after lunch. Arriving at 4pm, the place was packed. Queuing up, it took a little while, but service was prompt.

The menu was quite extensive, and covered a range of teas and dessert consisted of two types of creme brulee. The buy one get one free special of the day appeared to be limited to two drinks only (rather than the free for all you would get at GongCha), which we ordered.

Getting a number, we had the opportunity to appreciate the setup a bit more, and I did find it to be very well done up with a very aesthetically pleasing wooden theme and simple tiling.

After a considerable wait (given the line), our drinks were ready. I note that size wasn't an option that afternoon for either drink, but as usual, ice and sugar are customisable.

My companion ordered the Berry Cheese, whilst I had the Matcha Latte. For those who are a bit confused by the concept of cheese in a bubble tea context, it refers to the thick layer of milk foam on top of the drink, which is intended to give a strong cheese taste to make the drink similar to a cheesecake. My companion found the drink to be more akin to berry pulp than berry tea, and he said that the cheese was more salted than he would have appreciated in a sweet drink, but it was a novel experience. My matcha latte was mildly sweet, as I requested, but the matcha taste was a little lacking, and the texture was a little on the powdery side. At buy one get one free, these two still came to $7.50, which is definitely expensive at full price. 

Price Range: $5 - $15pp

Taste: 6/10
Value: 4/10
Service: 7/10
Environment: 7/10

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