Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Cafe Les Amoreux - Sunnybank

From as long as I can remember, Cafe Les Amoreux has been in Sunnybank. I have passed it numerous times, but never considered going inside because I have been preoccupied with going to other restaurants. One evening, a friend suggested that we ought to try it out. We went on a friday evening and was able to get the last available table, as it was almost fully booked out.

The menu was quite extensive, but there was only one thing on our collective minds: the 1kg Wagyu Rump with a M6 - M9 marble rating to share. That evening I was with a company of three others, which meant that the 1kg wagyu in itself wouldnt be enough to share. We ordered a number of additional sides to go with the meal as well.

At this point I find it noteworthy to point out that throughout the duration of the ordering and serving process, the waitress who was serving us was really snappy and frowned at us the whole time. Honestly it made us really uncomfortable, especially considering the price we paid for the meal. I've never seen such an angry waitress before, even at fast food chains or much cheaper casual restaurants. 

Since we were told that there would be a half hour wait on the steak, we settled for the sides to come out first. The steak itself came with a garden salad and sauteed potatoes, but we had the other four as an add on.

The salad itself was quite fresh, but the thing that struck me immediately was the small cockroach which crawled up from under the plate right after it was put down. I would have taken a photo of it, but my companion squished it with a serviette immediately after I pointed it out. We considered pointing it out to the waitress, but seeing her foul mood that evening, we decided against it. Needless to say, I carefully examined every piece of food before consuming it that evening.

The salad was dressed with a light vinegar, and the portion was ample, but given the initial scare, I didnt eat much of it at all.

As mentioned in a previous post, I really like shoestring fries. I like them so much more than regular thick cut chips. I also adore aioli, so having them both together was very enjoyable. The chips were freshly fried, so they were pipping hot and crunchy.

The mashed potatoes were quite creamy, and came moulded in a circular shape. I could taste that it was seasoned quite nicely.

The roast pumpkin was also quite enjoyable, again being well seasoned. The texture was good with a dry exterior but a warm soft interior.

My companion who is a big fan of corn insisted that we order the buttered corn. I tried a bit and found couldn't really taste the butter though.

By the time the sauteed potatoes arrived, I thought I'd be really tired of all that potato already, but I do admit I was quite impressed with it, despite appearing to be more like potato wedges than sauteed potatoes, it was hot, and the herbs made the potatoes really tasty.

Half way through our sides, the main attraction came! It was a very impressive portion of wagyu cooked to medium rare, and came with three portions of sauce two mushroom and one pepper.

The steak was indeed cooked to a medium rare, but that was the only positive mention to the dish. Despite being classed as between M6 to M9 marbling, I have had M5 wagyu rump which was more tender and smooth than the steak at Cafe Les Amoreux. I wouldn't say the steak was overly tough, but I would say that the meat was quite coarse and not on par with any other wagyu I've had at other restaurants. Other than that, the sauces provided were creamy, but very bland. It didn't have enough flavour to even be served on its own, let alone provide flavour to the steak. I was particularly disappointed by the pepper sauce, because I could almost not taste any pepper at all.

Whilst I have rather mixed feelings about the food, and disappointment at the service provided by Cafe Les Amoreux, I do not regret going. It definitely satisfied a long term curiosity I had for the store, however needless to say, I wont be rushing back there anytime soon.

Price Range: $25 - $35 per person.

Taste: 5/10 the fries and the sauteed potato were the highlight of the meal
Value: 4/10
Service: 3/10
Environment: 3/10 the cockroach scarred me quite a bit

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