Friday, 18 November 2016

Cha Kee Too - Runcorn

Those of my readers who frequent Warrigal square,  would  be familiar with Cha Kee, which opened early last year. Wanting some authentic Hong Kong style food last week, we decided to pop over there to get some dinner. Upon arriving did we see the massive crowd and celebration underway. Apparently Madtongsan III, which had long been Cha Kee's neighbour, had closed down, and Cha Kee decided to open its sister store, Cha Kee Too, next door, quite a bold business strategy if you ask me. 

To celebrate the opening, lion dances were on show. They were quite the spectacle, but of course, we were more interested in the food. 

We entered the restaurant and were promptly given one of the last tables. The waiters here were exceptionally friendly, whilst maintaining their efficiency, which I really appreciated. 

We ordered from the menu (which I forgot to take a photo of), and then cutlery was provided. More than half of the menu was traditional Hong Kong style food (which could have been found next door at Cha Kee), but we were much more interested in trying out their new style fusion options.

 My companion settled on a lobster stir fried with spaghetti in creamy tomato sauce. For the price of $25, we were very impressed with the generous portion of lobster provided in the dish. The pasta was served slightly soft, rather than al dente, but what really made the dish stand out was the delicious sauce, which struck just the right balance between the freshness of tomato and the creaminess of the cheese. My only recommendation would be that it needed a bit more herbs to really make it perfect.

On the topic of sauce, I got the mixed grill, with a side of pepper sauce and beer batter chips. As mentioned previously, Cha Kee is a master at making tasty sauces, Cha Kee Too's pepper sauce was no different. My mixed grill came with chicken fillet, a chicken wing, a thin slab of wagyu steak, a piece of spam, some mashed potoato, corn as well as coleslaw. Both the chips and the crumbed pork chop were super crispy, the chicken wing was flavourful and the salad was fresh. The spam was a little ordinary, as was the corn. I hesitated a little when I saw such a thinly sliced steak, a bit apprehensive at the thickness of it, because it almost guaranteed that it would be cooked well done, and well done it was, however despite being cooked through, it still wasn't overly coarse or chewy.

My companion and I rounded off the meal with two drinks. I got the coffee with milk tea, whilst my friend got just milk tea. Both were super strong and super bitter, luckily they were balanced out by the condensed milk and sugar (which was unavoidable for me).

Price Range: $15 - $25pp

Taste: 9/10
Value: 8.5/10
Service: 9/10
Environment: 9/10

Cha Kee Too Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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