Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Food Delivery Review - Foodora & Bishamon Japanese - Spring Hill

With the recent intense competition in the food delivery market, it was no surprise when I received a very generous deal on my next order from Foodora in my inbox. With work piling up in my in-tray, my reluctance to go out to buy lunch, and the blazing hot sun outside, the choice to have lunch delivered was quite the no brainer. 

Readers will recall, I don't like having my food deliveries from restaurants close enough for me to have easily wandered down and grabbed food from, which is why I opted to try out Bishamon, located in the outskirts of the CBD, up on Spring Hill.

Ordering mid morning, we requested that the food be delivered at 12 pm, and it arrived quite promptly. The first thing to catch my interest was the separation of the hot and cold portions of the meal, which I really appreciated. 

My colleague had ordered a beef niku udon. Having received multiple deliveries by now, I was quite surprised that the noodles and the soup were not separated to prevent the noodles from going soggy, but instead it was delivered just as you see in the picture above. Despite the noodles having absorbed a little soup and become a bit soggy, the portion was extremely generous, with almost the whole of the bowl covered with a decent layer of beef. Whilst the beef wasn't cooked rare, it was deliciously marinated with soy, and reasonably tender.

Not in the mood for rice, I had ordered the Salmon and Tuna Set with a note to exchange rice for more salad if possible. Unfortunately, it still came with rice, and a tiny little portion of salad. 

The portions of sashimi were relatively generous, with five pieces of thick cut tuna and salmon respectively. Despite the long bike ride from Spring Hill, I was pleasantly surprised that the fish was still reassuringly chilled. 

Considering my note for no rice in that set, the set came with a very large portion of rice. It also came with some sides, including a small portion of salad, which was quite refreshing and lightly dressed, a small portion of some extremely delicious potato salad (I only wish there were more), and two pieces of tuna sushi. Whilst I liked both portions of salad, the sushi pieces were akin to food court quality and felt somewhat like an afterthought to the meal, as the sushi rice was very heavily vinegar-ed, and the tuna tasted not unlike the canned variety.

The meal was rounded off with some miso soup. Those who are familiar with miso soup would be aware that it consists of a dashi stock and soy bean paste which dont dissolve and eventually settle at the bottom when left for a short period of time. What was interesting about Bishamon's miso soup though, was the complete lack of soy bean paste at the bottom, but rather completely consisted of a very very salty soup stock instead. Unfortunately, due to how salty it was, I was unable to finish it.

Price Range: $15 - $30pp

Taste: 6.5/10
Value: 7/10
Service: 8/10
Environment: N/A

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