Sunday, 29 October 2017

Comebuy - Brisbane CBD

As a traditional HongKonger, there is nothing that reminds me of home more than egg waffles (sometimes called eggettes or puffles).  Readers would have read of my struggles to find a store in Brisbane that sells authentic egg waffles. That is, until I stumbled on ComeBuy. Having been to their Sydney stores and always made a point to go get some and bring it home to Brisbane, I was really happy to see they finally expanded up here.


The menu was pretty much exactly the same as I remembered, with a large selection of teas, noticeably no coffees, as well as a small selection of original and flavoured eggettes.

Ordering at the counter, both drinks and snacks were freshly made. The wait for eggettes is a little longer as they needed to be made in the waffle iron.

The first time I went, I took them back to my office to sit down before savouring them.


The original eggettes tasted wonderful fresh. They had a yummy crispy exterior and a soft chewy interior that tastes just like home. I offered Iron Fist some and he said it reminded him of a waffle crossed with a crepe, which I guess is an adept description. The tea was fresh and lightly sweetened. Their menu only contained full, three quarters or half sweetness, but when asked, they gave me quarter sweetness, which I really appreciated. The tea was a little on the light side, but very refreshing.

Since I loved the experience so much, I took a friend to go with me the day after. This time we decided to grab a seat inside the store and munch on our snacks.

On top of the original eggettes, we also had a serve of the malteaser ones, which were essentially chocolate flavoured. I found the chocolate to be very strong and fragrant, without the excessive sweetness, but for malteasers, it was a little lacking in malt taste. Texture was again, spot on.


My companion settled on the brown sugar milk tea, which she had with half sugar. She found it to be refreshing, but not overly creamy though. The taste and fragrance were definite highlights for her, especially the molasses flavours in the milk tea which she quite liked.


Trying something new, I had the Orange Taiwan Oolong, unsweetened. It came with a huge hit of orange taste and smell (even small amounts of pulp), but was definitely not sweet at all. I liked how it combined with the tea to make a very fragrant combination, especially for a hot day.

Price Range: $4 - $10pp

Taste: 9/10
Value: 8/10
Service: 9/10
Environment: 8/10

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