Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Cube Seafood Restaurant - Sunnybank

Hidden in the corner of the carpark at Sunnybank Plaza, is the recently refurbished Cube Seafood Restaurant. I'm sure many of my readers will be familiar with 'Lai Lai', the previous store in that spot, which did a buffet that was famous for its fried chicken wings. 

We went on a Monday night to find the restaurant completely packed. We were pretty much the last walk in group. I noted quite a long wait for people at the door. The decor was pretty basic, but I could definitely see an ocean theme running through the restaurant, with their blue wallpaper and fences that you see at docks.

We were relatively promptly seated, but I do note that after deciding what we wanted to order, it took around 15 mins before we could get the waiter's attention to order. Unfortunately this was a common theme throughout the meal, as food came out quite slowly. I guess this was because the restaurant was so packed that day.

The first to arrive, as usual, was the complementary soup. The soup of the night was lotus root soup. I found it to be light and appetizing, whilst not very strong on MSG. I liked it very much.

For entrees, we had spicy jellyfish. I found the portion to be rather generous, especially when other places usually mix in chicken with the jelly fish, this dish was almost purely jellyfish only. I found it to be not as spicy as I would have liked, but still, the jellyfish tasted quite fresh and had a nice texture to it.

Next up came a dozen of garlic and ginger steamed oysters. Personally, I am not a huge fan of shellfish (clams, oysters, pipis etc.) but the general consensus around the table was that it was really overcooked, and could do with a bit more flavour, but the oysters were really big, especially because oysters are prone to shrinking more when cooked, they must have been huge to begin with.

Our rice and mains arrived after that.

Our steamed fish was the next to arrive. Usually speaking, I am not a big fan of steamed fish, but in this instance, I found it to be very fresh. The flesh was firm and tasty.

The next dish was my most anticipated garlic fried pork chops. Taste wise, the dish was fragrant and crispy. It had ample amounts of garlic, but we found the meat to be exceptionally fatty. I would definitely like it a whole lot more if they used skinnier meat.

Without a question, my favourite dish of the night was the tofu. My favourite way of cooking tofu is like you can see in the photo, deep fried, and then covered with sauce. I particularly liked the sauce in this one, because it was made from dried scallops. I found it to be rich and thick, but not overly so. It complemented the rice very well.

The veges for the night were covered in quite a thick layer of beef and sauce. If you're a big fan of vegetables, you may find it underwhelming, but as a self proclaimed carnivore, I found it a big improvement on the regular stir fried veges. The beef had a good tender texture, and I found it quite enjoyable.


We finished off the meal with the regular fruits and dessert. The dessert of the day was sweet tofu skin soup.

Despite several hiccups, I did enjoy my meal at the Cube Seafood Restaurant. The food has definitely got the right elements there, and there were a couple of things they could do better in terms of execution, but it definitely has potential. I do also think that the waiters could have been more attentive, or they could have worked to ensure they were better staffed if they knew that it was gonna be a busy day.

Price Range: $25 - $50 per person

Taste: 7/10
Value: 7/10
Service: 5/10
Environment: 7/10
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