Saturday, 14 March 2015

Park the Truck - Brisbane CBD

Last Friday marked the first Park the Truck event in Brisbane. It was a one day event, and by the looks of things, will be held annually from now on. I didnt get to try many things, but I did manage to take a lot of photos.

I found the opening hours to be very very short, and with the amount of people that went, perhaps it would have been better to be spread over one or two weekends, like the World Food Markets that we went to last year.

We arrived just before 6pm to find a huge amount of people and excessively long lines at every single truck.

Due to the fact that there were only two of us, we settled on ordering one item from Arepa House, and one item from Chip Tease before moving on to the Boundary Road Markets.

After lining up for one hour at each stand, we finally got our food. I found the Reina Papiada at Fiery Deli to be very interesting. We could definitely taste the difference from regular bread (because this was corn bread), but we found the fillings (avocado and chicken) to be rather bland, however the shallots were a really nice touch.

On the other hand we really enjoyed the chips from Chip Tease. The chips were extremely fresh, and crispy on the outside. We particularly impressed with the delicious cheese and gravy on top. I particularly liked how the gravy was enough to reach right down to the bottom of the cone. It definitely sets itself apart from the chips I've had at any other places. I would definitely go again if the opportunity presented itself.

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