Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Three Monkeys - West End

Without a doubt, I am what you'd call a night person. I hate waking up early and I love staying up late. The sad thing about living in Brisbane is that other than bars and clubs, its actually very hard for me to find a nice place to go late at night. Usually my friends and I dont do much other than Passion Tree, or Bonsai Botanika. But one night we decided to be a bit more ambitious, and strolled over to Three Monkeys in West End.

Three monkeys is quite an icon in West End. It is often quite packed. Particularly late at night. It looks pretty small on the outside, and I was seriously concerned about finding an empty table, but that proved to not be an issue.

I found the interior to be really quaint, and nicely decorated. I particularly like the hanging lamps, which added a lot to the atmosphere.

As most people would know. I was drawn to the cake cabinet immediately. As you can see, I was pressed with quite a number of choices.

I found it interesting that almost the whole wall was covered with photographs. At least it will give me plenty of interesting stuff to look at.

I found it really interesting that they had an indoors water fountain for patrons to fill up with table water. Thankfully, it was chilled though. 

My friend's Chai was served up first. I was really impressed with the size of the serving. It was really generous, being the size of a rather large bowl. It was served with a packet of honey rather than sugar. My friends were saying how authentic the chai at three monkeys was, so I guess it must have been pretty awesome.

I got to try the Iced Coffee, which had a scoop of really smooth vanilla ice cream in it. I liked how it wasnt very sweet. I found it to be very refreshing on a hot summers night.

Another associate tried the Irish Breakfast. I was surprised that it managed to fill up three cups.

I had the vienna, which was sufficiently strong, and the whipped cream was nice. It did not overflow the cup when I stirred it in, which was a definite plus.

We ordered three slices of cake. The first one we tried was the Ebony and Ivory Cake. I found it to be very rich, but not too sweet, which made it very delicious.

We also tried the Mud Cake. My confidant suggested that it may have been overly rich, but in fact the mud cake wasn't over the top. Since I asked for it heated, we found it really warm and comforting. 

Actually, we found the coffee ricotta cake to be the richest. It had a really strong cheesy taste, but unfortunately I found it quite lacking in coffee taste. It was lucky that we shared it around with a number of people rather than have one person eat the whole slice of cake.

I can see why Three Monkeys is one of the most popular cafes in Brisbane, it definitely has a wonderful ambiance, solid drinks and a nice variety of cakes. I'd definitely like to go back some time to try the main meals, or another after dinner drink.

Price Range: $5 - $15 per person

Taste: 7.5/10
Value: 8/10
Service: 6/10
Environment: 8/10

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