Saturday, 13 June 2015

Warawara Izakaya - Brisbane CBD

On my search for new restaurants to try at, a friend suggested that we try out Warawara Izakaya, which is upstairs on Elizabeth Street, near Maru and Sushi Edo. We headed upstairs to a rather large eating area. I would have preferred to sit inside the carrels with the cushy chairs, but we were given a table near at the centre of the restaurant.

The menu is quite extensive, and I liked how there was an illustration for every dish. Despite the restaurant claiming to be a Japanese and Korean restaurant, I was quite convinced that most of the dishes were more skewed to a Korean palate than a Japanese palate.

Cutlery is provided on the table.

Water is provided on request, but I found the cup design to be quite shocking. Looking from afar, I almost thought that it was the cup edge having grown mould. Upon closer inspection we then realised that it was the design of the cup.

Our banchan arrived shortly. There were only two options at Warawara, being the usual Kimchi and Konjac. Both were alright, the kimchi was very spicy and the konjac very refreshing, but I really missed the usual creamy pasta salad. 

My two companions got the pork katsu rice and chicken katsu rice respectively. They both agreed that the serving size was generous, although the meat was a bit overly fried. The one thing we all agreed on though was that we disliked the pink salad dressing quite a bit.

I ordered the Kimchi Fried Rice as per usual. I found the kimchi to be lighter on flavour, but stronger in spice than Madtngsan. Again, I really didnt like the pink salad dressing, it smelt like artificial fruit. I also found it very surprising that they had rather large pieces of quite fatty pork in it. Overall, I'd definitely say that the kimchi fried rice at madtongsan is far more agreeable with me than the one at Warawara.

Additionally, we tried what I think was called the Spider Roll. It had deep fried soft shell crab, seafood stick as well as cucumber, as well as quite a lot of seasoning on top. I found the roll itself to be very strong on the added flavours, which completely overwhelmed any opportunity for me to taste the crab and cucumber. I couldnt say it was unenjoyable, but I would really have preferred to be able to appreciate the lighter flavours to the dish.

Price Range: $10 - $20 per person

Taste: 5/10
Value: 6/10
Service: 7/10
Environment: 7/10

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