Monday, 3 August 2015

Deep Fry Master - Robertson

Along the strip of restaurants at Robertson, sits one of the more popular Taiwanese Restaurants in Brisbane. Several years ago, it was situated under High Fresh at Market Square, it has since moved to Robertson Village, next to Fusion Cafe.

Having gone to Taiwan on several occasions, the cuisine holds quite a special place in my heart, and I would be very impressed to find comparable meals in Brisbane.

The menu outside gave us quite the overview of the extensive amount of fried foods that we could indulge ourselves upon.

We were given menus upon being seated, they were pretty much replicas of the menu on the window. Once you've decided, you have to order and pay at the counter before first. We had slight confusion to begin with because we were waiting for our order to be taken.

The wooden plaques on the wall and cutlery box reminded me fondly of the night markets in Taiwan. 

Our drinks came out first, being one red tea and one green tea, which came complementary with the set meals we ordered. For a free drink, the size was generous. Extra points for having the sugarless option for both teas. It's also noteworthy that my green tea was very fragrant with Jasmine, which was refreshing, given the copious amount of fried foods we would be consuming throughout the meal.

Our extra sides were the first to arrive. First up came the deep fried soft shell crab. I found the portion of crab provided to be generous and ample for the price. Despite being fried to quite a crispy state, the insides were still moist and delicious, but not overly juicy. 

Our other extra side was the deep fried turnip cake. I have had turnip cake in Taiwan before, stir fried in the side of the road with generous portions of smashed garlic on top. In this instance though the turnip cake was deep fried, and quite bland in flavour, but the sauce on top was ground up garlic sweet soy sauce. I found it very delicious indeed.

With the Set A, my companion ordered the deep fried white bait, which was light and crispy on the outside. It was also very lightly salted, so we could still enjoy the taste of white bait. The serving size was quite generous, and it was served in a paper bag not unlike the night markets in Taiwan where you would walk around with bags of snacks.

With my Set B, I ordered the Salt and Pepper Fried Chicken, which my companion noted it was a bit like popcorn chicken. In the traditional Taiwanese fashion though, the chicken pieces had bones in them, so for those who are used to KFC popcorn chicken, this will definitely be different. I found it to be far more salty than the whitebait.

My friend who ordered Set A was served with the braised pork mince rice. Whilst the rice wasn't as smooth in texture as other Taiwanese Restaurants, the braised pork was soft and juicy. The meat floss on the side was a nice addition, and my companion said that it was very homey and tasty.

With my set B came the large intestine noodle soup. It would have liked more crushed garlic on top, but for what it was worth, it was very authentic, just like you would get on the streets of Taiwan. The intestines were chewy and soft at the same time, whilst the noodles were deeply infused with the flavours of the soup. The bamboo shoots added another layer to the texture of the dish, as well. I enjoyed it very much.

Price Range: $10 - $20 per person

Taste: 8/10
Value: 8/10
Service: 6.5/10
Environment: 7/10

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