Sunday, 16 August 2015

Thyme² - Brisbane CBD

One of the advantages of being a foodie, is that everyone tells you when there are good deals on. On this note, I was advised that Thyme² at Sofitel had half price buffets if you booked through Dimmi. As with my previous entries on buffets, I will not bore you with excessive details, but merely give brief explanations on what we had.

Thyme 2 is situated on the ground floor, and you cannot miss the bustle of people as you enter. In fact the restaurant was full for lunch as far as we could see.

We were given one of the best tables in the house in my opinion. We had an excellent view of ANZAC square as well as the clock above central station.

We were pleasantly surprised to be advised that champagne was included in the buffet, and it was unlimited too. 

The seafood for the day included prawns and oysters. The prawns were very fresh, but the oysters were rather small. Luckily in a buffet, you can have as many as you want.

The french onion soup was also quite delicious. 

There was smoked salmon and a variety of ham. 

Other seafood available was mussels which was quite popular with my companions. Unfortunately they found the skewers to be quite tough though. Whilst the garlic bread was tasty, I would have liked it to be heated up a bit more.

Other than the seafood, I found the creamy bacon pasta to be quite delicious. The pasta was just the right texture, and the sauce was rich, but not overwhelming. The sushi, as expected, was a let down compared to specialised Japanese restaurants, but it was a good try. The rice could have been better seasoned, and for such an expensive buffet, they could have been far more generous with the amount of toppings on the sushi.

The caesar salad was refreshing and delicious, but in my opinion the lettuce could be chopped a little smaller. One piece of salad consisted of half the whole leaf, which was a bit big for my tastes. Other than that, the potato gratin was comforting and delicious.

The roast beef was slightly tough, but the red wine jus was very tasty.

A large variety of nuts, cheese and crackers were also available, though it didnt captivate me much.

I was far more keen on the desserts. Though I didnt take a picture, the chocolate fountain was quite the main attraction.

The red velvet cake was a little coarse for my liking, but the raspberry mousse definitely made up for what it lacked. The puffs were absolutely adorable and delectable, and the tiramisu was one of the better ones I've tried. It had all the required elements of coffee, mascarpone and lady finger, with the exception of coffee liquor, it was near perfect. 

They also had a few dessert cups. The mango creme brulee was quite the attraction, as was the mango sorbet.

Japanese sencha was a nice option to round off our meal.

Having read other reviews before my attendance, I would agree that for the regular price of $78pp, it is rather steep, but for the 50% discount, it was definitely excellent value for money.

Price Range: $78 pp for lunch

Taste: 7.5/10
Value: 9/10 
Service: 8/10
Environment: 9/10

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