Saturday, 29 August 2015

Double Shot Espresso - New Farm

With my recent pleasant experiences in Pablo and Au Cirque, a companion of mine decided to try out another brunch place in New Farm - Double Shot Espresso.

We arrived to quite a crowd outside, and were told that we needed to wait for a table. Luckily we were given the menu to peruse whilst we waited.

After waiting 20 or so minutes we were given an outside table, on the side of the road, which is not my usual preference. Nevertheless we were grateful that at least the street was relatively quiet and we were not overly disturbed during our meal.

We ordered at the counter and were given a number.

My companion ordered a Russian Caravan tea, and I ordered a cappuccino. We really enjoyed the cappuccino, which had velvety froth on top. The Caravan Tea was quite interesting, we could taste the strong smokey oolong taste in the tea, which was quite distinctive to have with milk.

Our impressive meals arrived shortly afterwards. My companion and I shared both plates, so I was able to get a good taste of both.

I started off on the breakfast board, which was quite delicious. I particularly enjoyed the perfectly ripe avocado, which spread wonderfully on the sourdough. The poached egg was also runny on the inside, and the salmon was delicious and vibrantly red. I liked the nice touch that the salad and tomato did, but on the other hand, the feta cheese was a bit too strong for my palette so early in the morning.

Our other breakfast was the Croque Madame. Compared to other ones we've had, it was relatively less rich, which meant we found it a lot easier to eat so early in the morning. The onion jam was a definitely distinct touch, which made it quite delicious. The eggs were again done just right, and we liked how stringy the melted cheese was and how it complemented the ham to form a rather comforting breakfast.

Price Range: $20 - $25 per person

Taste: 8/10
Value: 7/10
Service: 6/10
Environment: 5/10 (I really dont like sitting next to the street)

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