Saturday, 14 November 2015

Chung Hae Izakaya - Sunnybank

Driving past Sunnybank on a frequent basis, one could not possibly miss the Chung Hae sign going up on the outer wall of  Sunny Park. We noted the flashy signboard for quite a while, and finally decided to go one evening after a shopping spree at DFO. 

We arrived a bit after 6 to find that this was actually their first day of operation. We were provided a table at the bar. The interior was very well decorated with lanterns and reminds me of eating street food in the streets of Japan. Although when we heard the wait staff converse in Korean, we were already aware that this was going to be a Korean run Japanese restaurant.

Food could be ordered via the ipads available, and I note that the prices were in Yen, with a sign underneath telling patrons to divide the shown price by 100.

We were faced with a pop up before we confirmed ordered indicating that "It is impossible to cancel the menu. Are you Okay?", which I found a little concerning.  Nevertheless, we pressed ahead and made our order.

On an interesting note, we asked for table water to be provided to us an were informed that they do not provide table water, and we would need to pay for bottled water. Needless to say, I was not too impressed by this.

 To begin with, we ordered two starters, being the fried prawns and fried Camembert. Both came out freshly fried and piping hot. Whilst the prawns came out with sweet chilli sauce, the cheese did not come out with any sauce, and as a result of this, I found it a bit lacking. We raised this with the wait staff, but as it was a new restaurant, they indicated that they were unable to provide us with any sauce.

My companion ordered the Teriyaki Chicken Rice. He said it reminded him of canteen food that he had when he was in school. The portions were generous, but there could have been more sauce. The chicken pieces were thigh bits, and we would have preferred chicken breast, but aside from that, it was nothing outstanding.

After my companion's order arrived, there was an over 30 minute wait before my order of shabu udon came. Apparently they lost my order, which was surprising as they took the order electronically. Despite the long wait, when it did come, I was really quite impressed with it. The soup was light but nourishing, the udon was the delicious square type that didn't have the sour after-taste and the seaweed, tofu and green onion complemented the noodles very well. 

Whilst the restaurant is new and I appreciate that there are many issues which need to be ironed out, there are many areas which do need to be smoothed out, and I'd be very keen to try it out again later.

Price Range: $15 - $25 per person

Taste: 5/10
Value; 5/10
Service: 5/10
Environment: 7/10

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