Thursday, 12 November 2015

Shin Yuan Restaurant - Sunnybank

From as long as I could remember, Shin Yuan has been a part of Market Square, having gone there on several occasions, many of my friends swear that it serves one of the most authentic Taiwanese Food. Needless to say, a review of this place is long overdue.

We were lucky to get the last free table when we went for dinner. The menu is extensive, containing a selection of entrees, rice, noodles and sides. 

Unlike other restaurants at Sunnybank, you order and pay at the counter before being served.

What stands out to me about Taiwanese restaurants is their generosity when it comes to soup. Shin Yuan is no exception. They have unlimited soup of the day for patrons. Whilst it wasn't something that stood out all that much, it was a nice light cabbage and pork broth, which stimulates the appetite.

My first companion ordered the very famous chicken fillet served with rice. It came with numerous sides including noodles, an egg and two types of stir fried chinese veges. Quite a few friends (including burger connoisseur) claim that this is the tastiest fried chicken in Brisbane. Whist I still think that Hot Star has the best fried chicken, this is definitely a near second. Despite it being not as big as Hot Star, it was also battered with potato starch and served moist, tender and well seasoned. The rice was also nicely topped with braised pork, which made it very delicious. 

Another companion ordered the wanton noodles soup, which was served with a clear broth and quite a few wanton. What I find particularly stands out with an order of noodles at Shin Yuan is that they give a huge portion of noodles, albeit you have to stir it up to loosen it, but one you do, I would suspect it is a good 50% more than the other regular chinese restaurants. The noodles were the Taiwanese white noodles, as opposed to the regular egg noodles, the wanton was also covered in white pastry rather than yellow pastry as well.  As a whole, the bowl was nourishing and delicious, especially as my companion was feeling a little under the weather.

I ordered the beef noodles soup, which is quite a famous Taiwanese dish. I really enjoyed how strong and spicy the soup was, and note that the noodles were the flat white yang chun noodles like an authentic Taiwanese Beef Noodle. The beef itself was tender, soft and well marinated. It was served with a very generous portion of noodles, like the wanton noodles. Having previously gone to Taiwan and tried their beef noodles on countless occasions, I can definitely say that this was an authentic beef noodle, and a very good one at that.

I also got to share some of the signature pork chop. With the by line of Shin Yuan being 'king of pork chops', I definitely wanted to try their pork chops. It came deep fried, with minimal batter, unlike the chicken fillet, and was very thick cut and quite delicious and we enjoyed it greatly. The noodles were again very large in portion size, and served in the same light broth as the wanton noodles. 

Price Range: $9 - $15 per person

Taste: 8/10
Value: 8.5/10
Service: 6/10
Environment: 6/10

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