Friday, 20 November 2015

Yakitori - Sunnybank

Being a regular at Little Taipei, one of my favorites is without a doubt Yakitori, situated in the corner next to David's sizzling. As I had mentioned in the Birds Nest post, I am of the firm opinion that Brisbane is very deficient in restaurants that cook proper Yakitori. Whilst this place is predominantly Taiwanese run, the foods were authentic and the skewers were probably the best I've had in Brisbane.

For those who are unfamiliar with the restaurants in Little Taipei, it operates like a food court, where you order your meal via counter service, get a number, and find a table. From the offset, I noticed that the staff at this restaurant were very warm, friendly and patient, which I really appreciated after a long day.

I ordered the hot pot set for $13.00. This came with a basket of veges, fish cakes, enoki mushrooms, tofu, a seafood stick, some noodles and a prawn. It came with an option of meat, I chose beef, and I also chose the non spicy pork broth. The pot of soup came on top of a portable gas stove, which I found to be slightly dangerous, but luckily I've yet to experience an incident. Condiments were obtained from the counter, and I was very impressed by the quality and cleanliness of condiments provided. Being an avid garlic fan, I took particular note of their finely diced fresh garlic which had all the juices still locked in, as opposed to crushed with all the juices having run out.

The pot itself was very delicious. I found the broth to be light but nourishing, with a definitely stronger taste than what we had at Shabu Shabu and I found the offering to be far superior. The portion of beef was far more generous, and not very fatty, and the sides were ample to satisfy us.  

My companion ordered the Yakitori Set, for $12.50. It came with our choice of five skewers, to which we chose cheesy chicken, beef shallot, beef garlic, pork belly and chicken wings. It also came with a bowl of rice with braised pork, a cup of home made plum tea, and some preserved veges. In my opinion, these were the best skewers I've had in Brisbane. They didn't have the packaging that Birds Nest would have, but it came at a fraction of the price, and were even more tasty. All the meats were perfectly caramelised and the cheesy chicekn and the garlic beef stood out to me as particularly outstanding. As I have mentioned, I have a long ongoing love affair with garlic, and to have tasty little grilled beef parcels burst open to reveal rich buttery garlic pieces was quite heavenly. The plum tea was a little sweet in my opinion, but it balanced out the intensity of the skewers. The salads were also refreshing, but I found the rice to be especially delicious, with a smooth texture and delicious braised pork bits on top, and an added egg for good measure. 

Price Range: $10 - $20 per person

Taste: 9/10
Value: 9/10
Service: 9/10
Environment: 7/10

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