Friday, 22 July 2016

2016 Noodle Night Markets - Southbank

As with last year, the week after Regional Flavours, the Noodle Night Markets started at Southbank. So we headed out there for some delicious street food (and to continue our quest for Pokemon). Given the horrible weather on Saturday, we were very glad to see that despite the cloud, it was quite a warm and clear evening. Again, the post will consist mostly of photographs and light commentary on the food we tried.

Our first dish of the night was the Duck Fries from Bao Stop. We had deliberated between getting it or not as it was quite expensive at $15 per serve. Having seen other people's piles of fries topped with shredded duck and sauce, we got it. The fries were super crispy, the duck was very well seasoned, moist, juicy and most importantly, bone free.

Next up we had the July specialty Truffle Ramen from Taros. The soup was super creamy and fragrant, and the noodles had a strong egg taste with a chewy bouncy taste to it. We ordered it with an extra egg, and the egg was perfectly cooked with a smooth creamy centre which we loved.

In my search for another snack after the ramen, I got to try a sample of the mini pancake, which was soft, squishy and sweet.

After the pancake, we got a portion of Tempura Avocado from Little Kyoto. Expecting it to be quite bland, it was surprisingly crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. Served with mayonnaise and tomatoes on the side, it was very delicious. 

We tried the Harajuku pork gyoza this year like last year. Whilst we waited quite a long time for food last year, the gyoza were already pre cooked and served immediately upon ordering. Whilst it made up for time, the dumplings were definitely not as hot and not as crispy as fresh off the grill. 

We also tried the infamous Rain Drop Cake from Harajuku Gyoza. I picked the matcha flavour, which was refreshing and had a strong green tea taste to it.

For dessert, we waited for an hour in line to try out the cakes and ice creams from Black Star Pastry and N2 from Sydney.



To share, we had one portion of the Strawberry Watermelon cake, and a scoop of the ice cream smash. Both were amazingly light and refreshing. We really enjoyed the crunchy watermelon, which definitely needs to be in more cakes.

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