Sunday, 31 July 2016

Street Food Depot - Brisbane CBD

One fine Brisbane winters day, my colleague and I decided we needed a change in tempo from our hectic work schedules. Eager to try something different we decided to hit up Brisbane City’s Street Food Depot to investigate. 

Though we decided to take an early break, there were a lot of people already bustling about and a good variety of stores other than food trucks. As you can see there were a variety of stalls including Canadian and Indonesian/Malaysian foods. 

To kick things off, we decided to grab some fish and chips from Phunky Dory. Whilst the wait was a bit long (quite the popular choice!), the chips were generously seasoned and the fish was quite tender. The zest of the lemon was quite refreshing and balanced the seasoning. Overall a good kicker for the morning blues. 

My colleague decided to head off and grab a chicken bun from one of the nearby stores. Served with a nice roast chicken, a generous mix of coleslaw and onions, I found the combination quite healthy and yummy. He noted there were a few options to customise the order in particular whether to go with wrap or bun, a variety of sauces and even the option for apples. 

Being a little adventurous, as a final snack before we headed back to work, we grabbed a serving of Andy’s Kangaroo wurst. Our “patriotic” celebration of our national fauna was rather delicious. The mix of sauces proved flavoursome and the meat tender. Considering its location, the selection of foods available, we felt the journey well worth our time. Having said that we both agreed some extra seating would have made the experience more pleasant. Whilst beyond their control, the concrete setting made the glare and heat a little uncomfortable and dampened an otherwise enjoyable experience. 

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