Wednesday, 20 July 2016

2016 Regional Flavours - Southbank

Having gone to Regional Flavours last year, I made a note to go this year. Situated at Southbank, like last year, we decided to go on Saturday, despite the dreary weather. Like last year, I will only be making light commentary about the foods we tried on the day, and the post will consist mainly of photographs.

First thing we tried was the Sausage tasting platter, which consisted of three different varieties of bratwust, one spicy and two not spicy. It was served with sauerkraut, fried onions and a bread roll. The sausages were flavoursome and had a good texture. The sauerkraut was a little undercooked for my liking. 

The next thing we tried was the beef brisket bunnie from the Super Butcher stand. As there was no one else lining up, I had deliberated a while whether I ought to risk trying it before taking the leap. It was surprisingly delicious! The bun was crispy on the outside, very soft and slightly chewy on the inside. The beef brisket was super tender, soft and melted in my mouth. It was very well complemented by the cream, which gave it an extra smoothness we really enjoyed.

Last from the food trucks we had a portion of Beignets from Bourbon Street. Being a deep fried dough with savory toppings of bacon and capsicum, they were very crispy and very tasty.

As expected, the River Quay area was relatively less populated than last year, thanks to the rain and overall gloomy weather.

The cheesy bacon pie from Stokehouse was quite an interesting try, whilst we enjoyed the delicious meaty centre, the crumbly exterior wasn't our cup of tea, and reminded us more of tart-like biscuit bases.

The fried chicken from Stokehouse was probably the best I've ever tasted in a while (only second to hot star), with a fresh crispy but not oily skin, juicy moist meat, we loved it.

We tried the Coq Au Vin from Aquitaine, which came in a bread roll. Having just tried the ones from Super Butcher, unfortunately these were nowhere near as soft or as delicious.

We rounded the meal off with a slow cooked pork wrap as well, and the pork was definitely very slow cooked. So slow, in fact it taste more like a pork paste, which my companions and I didn't quite enjoy. Nevertheless, the salads and wrap were fresh, which made up significantly.

Hopefully it won't rain for next year's regional flavours, and I hope to go back again to try some more new and exciting foods.

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