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Mundo Churrasco - Bardon

With the cold winter well and truly here, A couple of friends and I decided to venture out of our comfort zone and try something new to warm up by grabbing some barbecued meats at Mundo Churrasco, after having previously tried the tasty caramelized meats at Navala

Tucked away in a bustling street in the idyllic suburbs of Brisbane’s inner city, Mundo Churasco is a humble establishment specialising in the Brazilian barbecue. As you can see from the above, there was a wide selection of well barbecued meats of varying seasonings and flavours. 

The d├ęcor was simple and the setup was clean, a set of tongs was provided so we could all reach for the meat as it was served to us.

 Much like Navala you could indicate whether or not you want more food. As long as it is flipped upwards to show green, the staff will keep serving food. Yay! 

Whilst Spanish is not my forte, I noted the menu had simple explanations of terminologies used in Brazilian dining. Who said eating can’t be educational, enjoyable and delicious? Ehem onto more serious matters, without any hesitation we all ordered the buffet.

Not soon after we notified the staff of our intention we were offered sides to compliment our buffet. The sides included, green salad, cheese balls and cassava chips. 

The salad was refreshing and the sauce not overpowering. I found the cheese balls light on cheese but none the less enjoyed the flavoured texture. Initially I was confused as to what cassava chips were. Being neither crunchy or soft, it had a rather chewy feel to it. When I asked the staff about it they informed me it was a type of root shrub from from South America.

A side of grain salad and potato salad were offered. The salads offered a nice contrast from the meats we had and because of their creamy texture were comforting as well. Potato Salad Whilst I appreciate the importance of minimising waste and promoting responsible consumption, I found it very disheartening that condiments and sauces were not offered freely at Mundo Churasco. As my readers would be aware I have a dislike for paying extra for sauces, firmly believing that they should increase prices if required, so that sauces can be complimentary. I noted on the menu there was an option to purchase sauces from a select choice but none the less quite disappointed that they weren't included in the buffet.

Our first serving of meats came in the form of the Chorizo sausage. The meat was well seasoned and the meats relatively springy. My companion though found the Chorizo rather salty but none the less enjoyed it. 

Our second offering from the carver was the Coconut Chicken, the chicken was well seasoned but the meat was tender inside. Whilst the coconut flavour was light I enjoyed the comforting homey feel the chicken which had quite a juicy texture to it.

Next up was the wagyu rump cap which was a slice of rare beef that whilst served rare was as unexpectedly chewy. My companion whilst appreciating the rareness of the meat preferred a softer cut. Overall it was at this point I felt a sauce would have made the difference. 

Anyone who knows me will know Garlic and I share a special intimate unbreakable relationship. So when the server came around offering “garlic beef” you could well imagine how enthusiastic I was. Alas for garlic beef it was not to be. Whilst the beef was well flavoured, I found it quite dry. Without a sauce to balance the texture it was rather disappointing. 

Next up we tried a piece of the grilled lamb leg, which had a smooth and tender texture, but was extremely fatty. Despite being quite tasty, I wanted to be a bit more health conscious, I opted to only have a little bit.

On the other end of the fatty spectrum, we tried the leg of pork, which turned out to be a lot leaner than expected, but still quite deliciously marinated. I particularly enjoyed how the meat maintained its moisture despite being grilled.

The chicken wing was glazed with delicious honey which made it rather sweet. It was a relatively larger than usual, and quite meaty, but other than that, not too different from home made ones. 

Next up we tried the marinated sirloin, which turned out to be my favourite cut of the night. Being both smooth and tender, it was well seasoned and very delicious.

We rounded off the savoury aspect of our meal with a more courageous finish. The chicken heart, tasted like a little cube of beef and was quite soft and meaty, definitely unlike liver or kidney.

We finished off our meal with some of the cinnamon pineapple, having tried and really enjoyed it from Navala. 

Price Range: $42 - $45 pp

Taste: 7.5/10
Value: 6/10
Service: 7/10
Environment: 7/10

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