Sunday, 31 July 2016

2016 James Street Food and Wine Trail - Fortitude Valley

Remembering last year’s James Street Food and Wine Trail I was eagerly looking forward to this year’s edition. Whilst parking is as always an issue, I found the stroll a healthy activity to any good meal! Unfortunately for us it appeared this year, the organisers had only scheduled most of their events on Sunday instead. 

Undeterred we noticed Sinmei had setup a stall outside their store selling variants of milk tea and Hong Kong styled dumplings. 

Whilst my friend was ordering his milk tea we decided to try the Matcha latte and the Matcha angel food cake. Suffice to say they were a yummy choice being the latte was smooth and the cake fluffy. 

I noticed the serving size had improved and the service was friendly as usual. 

Grabbing a brochure for the Food Trail from a nearby store and I was pleased to see a few stalls were making a return from last year. 

My friend decided to try the HK Milktea at Sinmei as a pickmeup. He found the tea fragrant and smooth. He enjoyed it thoroughly and found it quite refreshing. Whilst we noticed preparation work and preliminary stalls being setup around the area. Overall we were disappointed to see the trail reduced to a one day event but none the less look forward to its return next year.

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