Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Food Delivery Review : Foodora & Golden BBQ - Brisbane CBD

Most close friends and family would agree, that there is hardly anyone lazier or more of a control freak than me. With this in mind, it was inevitable that the recent prevalence of food delivery services, I would eventually put in an order, which is what we did last Friday upon giving in to our cravings for the roasted meats at Golden Barbecue. Not having ordered before, I was quite impressed with the order tracking facility which meant that I was able to have a good understanding of when food was being cooked and when it was due to arrive. 

It arrived for nicely packaged in a brown paper bag, which was quite well presented considering the trek from fortitude valley with its hot soupy contents.

Each of the meals were packaged separately, and cutlery provided as expected, but unfortunately they had missed one of our orders completely, and gotten another one incorrect (a noodle dish was served as rice). Without further delay, I called the delivery boy to advise him of this, and soon received a phone call from management, offering to redo the missed meal as well as the erroneous one.

We received the meal in about half an hour of making the call, which meant that I had exceeded the lunch hour and my colleagues had left, but at least it arrived.

Both meals were served piping hot.

As alluded to, I ordered the duck noodles again. Despite the delay in delivery, the noodles were still fresh and springy, and massive in quantity. The duck was well marinated, juicy and flavoursome, but I would have preferred it to have a boneless option, like the steamed noodles my colleagues had ordered.

All in all, I can appreciate that in all human endeavours, errors will be made, and what is important is the willingness to make corrections upon realisation. Considering the cheap cost of delivery and the subsequent rectification, I can say that I do not mind ordering from Foodora and will probably do so again in the near future.

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