Friday, 17 April 2015

Miss Kay's - Brisbane CBD

The Villager was one of the restaurants that have held a long time spot on my list of places to try out. Unfortunately, it appears to have closed before I managed to try, but in its spot Miss Kay's opened, and I pretty much dragged Burger Connoisseur with me and we went right after I heard of it.

The menu is displayed on the outside of the restaurant, which was very convenient to take a look at what was available. In fact there was a small crowd huddled there when I walked in.

I really liked the big fluorescent sign, it was very eye catching. 

The restaurant itself is separated into two floors. I opted to sit upstairs.

To say I liked the decor of Miss Kay's would be an understatement. As an avid reader, I absolutely adored the wall shelf. It made the whole place look a whole lot more classy than the regular burger joint.

I ordered downstairs and was given a number as usual. 

Cutlery is obtained on a DIY basis. I found the knife unusually big. Like a steak knife. I liked it very much.

Table water was also provided. The cup was also very aesthetically pleasing. 

Burger Connoisseur tried the Cheeseburger. He was quite impressed. He likened the bun to the Asian buns you get at Pappa Roti, which is sweet, but hard on the outside and soft on the inside. He liked the ketchup and how it mixed with the melty cheese. He also commended the patty, which was generally cooked quite well, although there was a bit that was a little rare.  

I ordered the 'Mac Daddy' and Miss Kay's Fries.

In terms of my own burger, I was a bit disappointed that the bun was somewhat cold on top, and I found it far too sweet for my liking (I'm an avid fan of sourdough). But the insides were quite spectacular. I had never eaten macaroni and cheese and fries in a burger before, so it proved a very interesting experience. The melty cheese in the mac and cheese made it very tasty, whilst the chips gave it a bit of extra crunch. The patty was also very delicious, being a far better texture than the last one I had at Chur Burger. I would like to add though, that with such a protein filed burger, maybe more than one slice of lettuce would have made me feel a bit better. Additionally, I do like how it did not have pickles in it. 

I also had the Miss Kay's Fries. I loved the way that it was cut into the narrow shoestring shape. The portion was ample, and the fries were crunchy, but I really couldn't taste much seasoning though. Nevertheless, I liked it.

In conclusion, Burger Connoisseur and I both decided that Miel Burger was still the unrivaled champion of burgers in Brisbane, although Miss Kay's was really quite good.

Price Range: $10 - $20 per person

Taste: 7.5/10
Value: 7/10
Service: 7/10
Enviroment: 9.5/10

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