Saturday, 11 April 2015

Surabing Korean Dessert Cafe - Sunnybank

In Market Square, there is a shop which has housed numerous dessert places. Years ago, it sold snow ice, then it sold frozen yoghurt, and now it has reverted back to selling ice. Korean style ice. My personal knowledge of ice for dessert is pretty much limited to Taiwanese style ice (meet fresh, icy ice). So of course, I went to try it out. 

The store itself is pretty small, and the menu is rather limited, as they do only desserts. 

I got the Coffee Bing. It was served with a small jug of milk on the side to pour on. It also had two complementary pocky stuck on the top.

After eating the pocky, I poured the milk on top. I liked how the ice was very fluffy, and nice and wet. It was like a cross between a slushee and Taiwanese Snowy Ice. I found the strong coffee taste very refreshing, and liked how it was not overly sweet. The ice cream was smooth and not too icy, but I would have preferred it without the almonds, but as my friends mentioned, its there for the extra complexity of texture.

My friend ordered a caramel macchiato with a strawberry waffle set, and I ordered a green tea latte. I liked the strong matcha tastes in the green tea latte. Whilst it didnt have much colour, it definitely had the texture comparable to passion tree or cha time. I found it very comforting and enjoyable.

This was the strawberry waffle. When we ordered, we were quite impressed with the cheap price, but when we saw it, we understood why it was such a good deal. The waffle was rather small. It was crispy and freshly made, but I found the texture to be a bit too hard (in my opinion, the best waffle in Brisbane is in Gelare - Southbank). It was served with an extra scoop of ice cream, which was pretty smooth.

Our other friend ordered the sweet potato set. Whilst the cake tasted rather artificial and store bought, my friend commented on how the sweet potato latte was definitely infused with fresh sweet potato. She was very impressed.

For a first time try of Korean desserts, I was really quite impressed. I would definitely recommend going to try it out.

Price Range: $10 - $15 per person

Taste: 7/10
Value: 5/10
Service: 6/10 (waitress got 2/6 of our orders wrong and had to have it exchanged)
Environment: 6/10

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