Sunday, 26 April 2015

Trang - West End

The last time we had a public holiday, I was dead set on taking my parents to try out Greek food and broaden their culinary horizons. Unfortunately for them, and myself, Lefkas was not open on Easter Saturday. Without any other particular preference, we wandered down the road to arrive at Trangs, which I've always wanted to try due to the large number of positive reviews on it. 

With the big column outside branded with 'Beef Noodles', I knew they were serious about their Pho.

We were given a table really quickly and water was provided promptly, however I was really quite dismayed by the number of flies swarming around the restaurant. Being someone who really values cleanliness, I definitely got quite worried. Indeed, we spent most of our time during lunch swatting flies, which I really dont relish.

Condiments and cutlery were pretty basic. As above, I saw quite a number of flies walking around on top of the cutlery, which made me very concerned.

The menu itself was quite extensive, having both a Chinese and Vietnamese section.

My father, being a boring middle aged man, ordered the Crispy Chicken with Fried Rice. He was very impressed with the portion of chicken given, stating that it was almost half a chicken. He also found the portion of rice to be ample and nicely fried, however I note that while other Vietnamese restaurants usually serve complimentary soup on the side of rice dishes, Trang notably did not.

My sister ordered the Special Beef Pho. For a regular size serving, it was quite an ample portion. It contained the regular suspects, brisket, tripe, beef balls, and rare beef. She really liked it.

As usual, I opted for the rare beef pho. I was definitely very impressed. The soup, without a doubt was the best beef noodles soup that I've tasted in Brisbane. It had the right balance of beef, and intricate combination of spices with the added zing of lemon that I really appreciate. It was also really strong and comforting. The noodles were also cooked to just the right texture and consistency, being semi transparent, but not overly soft to the point where I cannot pick them up. Despite all this, the beef is what impressed me the most. It was just the right thickness, and was also the right level of rarity, whilst maintaining a soft texture. Overall, I loved this bowl of pho, and can understand why the reveiws are so good.

It was noteworthy though, that we didnt get sprouts until we asked for them. In other places, sprouts would be the first thing they serve. We found the sprouts relatively fresh and clean.

To share, we also got the pork and prawn rice paper rolls.

The rice paper was extremely fresh and soft, whilst being also very moist. I found the filings to be quite ample as well. I particularly liked how the pork and prawn flavours complimented the sauce provided. It was definitely one of the better rice paper rolls I've had.

Price Range: $10 - $20 per person

Taste: 8.5/10
Value: 8.5/10
Service: 7/10
Environment: 3/10 (indoors, and had aircon, but as mentioned, all the flies and bugs made me very concerned with hygiene)

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