Sunday, 5 April 2015

Tobaki - Sunnybank Hills

On the list of things that I wished to try, the one place that really stands out is Tobaki. Now why would a Korean BBQ place get to me so much? Several years ago, I was eating at the Chinese Restaurant next door. Despite being very full when I left, I was immediately drawn to the smell of Korean BBQ. Since then, I've always wanted to eat at Tobaki. So for the last several years, I have arbitrarily made plans to go on five separate occasions, but have been thwarted. Finally, on the day before the Easter long weekend, I managed to drag a friend there. The unfortunate thing about it though, was that it was raining, and neither of us drove that day. To get there, we had to trudge through a park in the dark and in the rain, the journey was dangerous and arduous. Thankfully it was worth the while, and we had no fatalities on our journey.

Tobaki is situated in a rather obscure shopping village near Runcorn Tavern, far far away from any public transport. All of the seating is outside of the store, whereas the food is situated inside. Luckily, the seating was still undercover. At least this minimized the risk of being rained on.

We were given a table next to the car park. I didnt mind it as much as I would normally have, because it was a rather cool night, and I did appreciate the ventilation.

Unlike the usual metal plate, they had a metal rack instead.

Chilled water was provided like the usual in Korean Restaurants.

Its noteworthy that a couple of friends had told me that Tobaki had a limited variety of food compared to other Korean restaurants. I didnt find this to be the case though.

Our first plate consisted of all beef. We had the steak, marinated beef as well as beef ribs. I particularly liked the marinated beef, it had a nice flavour to it. The meats weren't too fatty as well.

The fire was quite slow at the offset, but luckily it heated up pretty quickly afterwards. I found the marinated steak to be quite tender, but the other one to be rather chewy. I was a bit disappointed that there was no Bulgogi available, but looking at the rack, I could see it would all fall down the cracks if they had it. 

Next up, we tried a selection of their pork cuts. There was some spicy pork, some shaved pork and pork belly. 

I found the pork belly to be tasty, but a bit fatty. The spicy pork was also very very spicy though. In terms of the best cut, I enjoyed the shaved pork most. It came out really crispy and tender. 

Its probably noteworthy at this moment to say that there was also chicken, as well as some prawns and octopus, but we decided not to get any because we were more preoccupied with meat. There was also a selection of pre cooked foods like dumplings, omelette and fried rice.

I wouldnt consider Tobaki to be the best Korean BBQ restaurant in Brisbane, however I do think its not bad. I definitely had a good time and its definitely lived up to my expectations.

Price Range: $27.50 per person

Taste: 7/10
Value: 7.5/10
Service: 5/10 (mostly everything was DIY.)
Environment: 5/10 (relatively clean, but next to a car park)

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