Thursday, 7 April 2016

Espresso and Matcha's Foodie Odyessy - Sydney - Day 3 Dinner : Gyuzou Yakiniku

For our last dinner, Queen V and I were in the mood for a DIY style meal. That basically left us the options of either a hot pot or a yakiniku (BBQ). Having done a bit of research online, we found that our best bet was to get it at Gyuzou, which is situated along Sussex Street, towards Chinatown.

With its touch screen ordering, and its embedded BBQ, it reminded me of a cross between Wagaya and Nonbei.

The first thing we decided to get was the assorted wagyu set, which was a lot cheaper than the ones at Wagyu Ya. For $25, you get an assortment of chuck, ribs and oyster blade, along with some vegetables. I considered it to be quite a good deal for wagyu beef, but it was inevitable that the customer always gets what they pay for. As such, whilst the wagyu was smooth in the mouth, it was still a bit chewy and the marinade wasn't ideal. What we found unique with Gyuzou, was the additional option of cheese fondue to have with the BBQ. Keen to try new things, we got one. It turned out to be a creamy cheese sauce that was to be placed on the bbq, with the meats to be dipped in it before eating. Whilst novel, we didnt find it added much to the experience.

In addition to the wagyu, we also had some marinated pork belly. With the copious amounts of seasoning, the pork was more delicious than the assorted wagyu. Queen V, being a big fan of sausages in a bbq context, ordered a plate to share. I found them to be quite ordinary though.

To balance out the meatiness of the meal, we had a serving of seaweed salad. It was served with a light vinegarette, and contained lettuce, tomato, corn, cucumber and seaweed. I found the portion to be quite generous, and the salad itself was refreshing and crisp.

The karaage chicken was freshly fried, with the batter locking in the delicious juices. For the price, I consider the portion to be a little small though. The wagyu tataki also came in a rather small portion, but it was fresh, but not very well marbled. 

After my delicious experience with seaweed soup from Wagyu-Ya, I was keen to try Gyuzou's take on the soup. Whilst it contained all the elements of sesame, seaweed and egg, we found it surprisingly bland. I think that a small dash of sesame oil would have greatly improved the soup.

To round off, we tried a tonkotsu ramen, and was surprisingly disappointed. The soup was thick and gluggy, but not like the other ramen soups I've had before, rather it tasted closer to a can of Campbells soup (not unlike cream of chicken, but with pork instead), with very soggy noodles. The egg was definitely overcooked, and we were quite saddened by the standard of the dish.

Price Range: $30 - $50pp

Taste: 6/10
Value: 6/10
Service: 7/10
Environment: 7/10
Yakiniku Gyuzo BBQ and Tapas Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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