Sunday, 3 April 2016

Espresso and Matcha's Foodie Odyessy - Sydney - Day 1 Dinner : Chinatown Night Markets

With our late lunch and subsequent afternoon tea, Queen V and I decided to keep dinner relatively simple and headed to Chinatown for the weekly Night Markets to get something quick. With our good friend Burger Connoisseur's recommendation of Mamak as one of the best Malaysian restaurants nationally, that became our first stop.

The pop up store was very crowded, but only had three items on its menu.

We paid at the counter and waited for our order, which came relatively quickly considering how many people were waiting for their food.

Between the two of us, we shared a Satay Chicken and the signature Roti Canai.

The Satay Chicken was actually breast fillets (rather than thigh fillets, which some other places use). Despite being grilled, they managed to retain a lot of the moisture, which is always appreciated. The added cucumbers and onions (to the side) gave it a bit of added freshness, and the sauce was a lot less thick and less peanutty than I would have imagined, but I really enjoyed it none the less.

The signature Roti Canai was extremely flaky and soft. The curry wasn't particularly spicy, as the chilli paste was placed separate to the sauce. For the price of $6, I consider it a very good deal.

We rounded off our meal with some takoyaki at colotako. The line to this store was also very long, which was what attracted us to it. The takoyaki came in four flavours, being octopus, prawn, crab and vegetarian.

We got to watch the takoyaki get cooked after we ordered.

We ordered one set of crab takoyaki which were served piping hot. We added our own sauces and bonito flakes. Each ball had a crab claw attached (with quite an impressive amount of crab meat), and it had quite a creamy texture that we both enjoyed immensely.

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