Saturday, 12 August 2017

Super Combo - Bowen Hills

With my usual cheat day companion (despite the fact that I am a gym abstainer) off climbing mountains overseas, I was left to my own devices to determine my own fate (for lunch that one Thursday anyway). Wanting to keep up the tradition, I pulled out my phone to look for some inspiration that dreary day, and was shortly drawn in by the aesthetically pleasing burgers at Super Combo, which would satisfy my fast food craving whilst tickling my gamer side with their themed buns.


Being the big fan of Japanese food that I am, there was no hesitation in me deciding to get the Hadoken Burger. The shakes were also really captivating, but my fat budget didn't allow for it and fries that day so I had to save it for next time.


Again with Ubereats, they didnt allow me to specify a time for delivery, only to have the restaurant start preparing my food upon receipt of the order. My delivery guy got lost for a short while too, but his warmth and friendliness made up for it.

Not only was the driver friendly, but I also liked the cute greeting drawn onto the bag, which made that extra little bit of difference.

My Hadoken burger contained a beef patty, mushroom sauce, gruyere cheese, onion, tomato and a Parmesan crisp. I really enjoyed the burger, with its toasty exterior but fluffy interior (extra points for no sesame), the patty was cooked quite well done, but still crumbled in my mouth. The mushroom sauce was quite smokey but not overly strong. Without a doubt though the burger was dominated by the Parmesan crisp, which had a super strong flavour, so strong that it completely overcame the gruyere which only added texture value. Having said that, I did really enjoy the burger, and would still put it in my top five in Brisbane.

I also ordered a side of chips, which looked quite plain, but were surprisingly very very crispy. For a regular size, it was a generous portion and I enjoyed it thoroughly, though next time some added sauce would be nice.

Price Range: $15 - $25pp

Taste: 8.5/10
Value: 8.5/10
Service: 9/10
Environment: N/A

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