Thursday, 28 December 2017

Starbucks - Brisbane CBD

Last working day of the year, I found myself wanting coffee, but with my usual go to places already closed, I was left to rely on the one thing I could always count on, Starbucks (it also helps that I absolutely love their Christmas season cups and wanted one before the year was out), so getting off the bus a bit earlier, I made a beeline for their Myer Centre store.

There was a significant queue that morning, no doubt everyone else was in a comparable situation to myself. I joined up at the end and thankfully the queue moved very quickly.

Standing behind Captain America in the line, I stopped to admire the baked goodies in the cabinet, but decided against it that morning (considering the many more calories to be gained over the holiday). Best to save some of it for 2018.


Waited to the side after making my order at the counter (and YES they did get my name wrong, as usual), I tried a sample of their cold brew. It was unlike anything I had ever had before. Whilst the coffee taste and fragrance was pretty average, the texture was out of this world, being one of the smoothest cold brews I've had in my life. It definitely left me craving for more.

My order for that morning was brewed coffee with milk. It was served steaming hot, but nowhere near the level of smoothess as the cold brew, and the body and fragrance where nowhere near what I have been used to from The Single Guys, but it was ample and did its job. This year's cup was also awfully cute too.

Price Range: $3 - $15pp

Taste: 6/10
Value: 6/10
Service: 6/10
Environment: 8/10
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