Friday, 29 May 2015

Maru - Brisbane CBD

As an avid foodie, one of the tasks that I have gained in the course of my work is arranging company lunches. Normally we have lunches in the local gastros/bars, but this time I tried to shake it up by having the next one at a Korean Restaurant. Knowing that Maru was within 5 minutes walk from our work, that was where we decided to go.

We made a reservation for ten, and our table was nicely set up before our arrival.

I was quite impressed with the variety avaliable on the menu. It encompassed a lot of traditional Korean dishes, a lot of fusion dishes, as well as a large selection of both spicy and non spicy dishes, noodles, rice, stews as well as fried chicken.

The posters on the wall were really eye catching, though my colleagues and I noted that we were unable to read them.

Cutlery was the usual Korean Style metal chopsticks and spoon. Knives and forks were provided on a DIY basis at the counter. 

They had an assortment of beers and other drinks available. Whilst I didnt get any drinks, some of my colleagues got beers.

We were given a selection of banchan. The three types given to us included kimchi, potato noodle salad and preserved onions.  I was surprised there was no pasta salad that day,  as I am quite a fan of Korean pasta salad,  but the potato noodle was really quite crunchy and fresh. 

Since I didnt get to try out all the dishes,  I will just list out the names of some of the dishes we had.  This was the chicken bi bim bap. 

This was the seafood udon,  which was served with rice. 

This is the beef ziggle,  served on a skillet with a side of rice. 

The boss got potato noodles as usual. 

This is the teriyaki chicken ziggle. 

I opted for the creamy chicken omu skillet.  Omu rice is where you have a really large piece of fried egg wrapped around fried rice.  In this case it had chicken on the side and was also doused in creamy sauce. 

The general consensus around the table was that the dishes were really generous in portion sizes and a great deal for the price. As for my Creamy Omu Rice, it was delicious. I liked how they used medium grain rice, it had a really good texture. The fried rice was done really well and the toppings really finely chopped so that it could be wrapped nicely in the egg. I found the addition of the sauce gave it a lot of needed moisture to the dish. The chicken was also nicely fried and seasoned.

Price Range: $10 - $15 per person

Taste: 7.5/10
Value: 8.5/10
Service: 5/10 (waiters tended to miss us waving at them)
Environment: 8/10

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