Saturday, 1 November 2014

Pig n Whistle - Brisbane CBD (Eagle Street)

One evening a couple of friends and I ventured out to Pig n Whistle at Eagle Street, before attending a concert at the Brisbane Jazz Club ヾ(*ㅿ*๑)ツ.

The menu is affixed upon the entrance, so you can consider what you want to eat before entering.

We stood at the entrance for a while after entering, hoping someone would take us to a table, later to be told that you are to find your own table and sit down ヾ(*д*)ノ. 

The restaurant was very big, and so the first thing we did was to take a look around the place. We were very impressed with the amount of effort and attention to detail used to make this place look like a traditional British Pub.

Upon sitting down, we were provided with menus.

After ordering, we asked for water, and were pleasantly surprised when our water arrived with little wedges of lime in them. Its these little additions which really impress customers.

One of my associates ordered a Guinness Pie.  I got to try a bit of it, and found the pastry to as flaky as I would have liked it to be. However the beef was very chunky, and I could really taste the Guinness in the sauce. 

I liked the Shepherds Pie more than the Guinness Pie actually because I have a personal preference for minced meats within pies (if I had wanted chunky, I would have ordered steak). The mash on top was alright, and for a moment I didnt realise it was a lamb pie until my friend told me, because they managed to get rid of the gamey smell that often characterises lamb so much.

I ordered the Lincolnshire Sausages with Mashed Potatoes, which I really enjoyed. The sausages were nice and soft, and had quite a bit of herbs mixed in it. The gravy and mash was nice comfort food, while the onions were sweet and caramelized, adding more depth to the dish. 

We really enjoyed our time at Pig n Whistle. While it was a bit expensive for the type of food provided, it was very good quality and the environment was very nice ♪((└|o^▽^o|┐)).

Price Range: $25 - $40 per person

Taste: 8/10
Value: 5/10
Service: 7/10
Environment: 8/10

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