Friday, 24 July 2015

2015 Regional Flavours - Southbank

Last weekend Southbank hosted the Regional Flavours event. Having regrettably missed it last year, I made sure that I attended it this year. Here are some snaps and brief commentary of my experiences of this event.

As we aren't big wine drinkers, didnt try much of the wines. We saw many other people enjoying themselves though.

I note that the stalls are run by many of the regular Southbank vendors, so we opted to try out some of the places that we dont regularly go to. (I also noted how convenient it would be for them to rush back to their main store for supplies if they ran out).

The first thing we decided to try was Sangria Bar. I was really impressed with their menu.

Curly Potato is no doubt one of my favourite things to have during festivals. Indeed there is nothing more cheerful than a fried potato on a stick

Almost nothing more cheerful, but deep fried mozzarella definitely gives it some competition.

I found the curly potato to be a bit too oily as I've had some overseas before. The one at Sangria Bar was quite soaked in oil and soggy. Other ones I've had were crisp and drier and sprinkled with nice flavouring. I think there is quite a bit of space for improvement.

What I did really enjoy was the Mozzarella. It was hot and gooey on the inside, which made it quite delicious. I also liked how the sauce accompanied the cheese well. What I didn't like though was the lack of cutlery, which meant my hands got very oily.

After the fried foods, we tried to have something lighter. We saw quite a few people with chicken skewers, which we were quite keen on trying. 

We found it at Viet De Lites, which sold two skewers for $8.

I liked how the chicken breast wasn't too dried out, and I found it relatively moist. The sauce was peanut-y and rather tasty.

Our final stop for lunch was at Cucina for Italian food.

For $7 we got one lamb and haloumi skewer. I found it to be very very expensive. It was very delicious, but as you can see in the photo, it was rather drenched in oil, which meant I ate it with quite a guilty conscience. 

We also tried the Lamb Ragu, which was very strong in taste, and had a lot more sauce than pasta. I loved the stringy texture of the lamb and how it worked well with the sauce. It was far better value than the skewers in my opinion, and very filling.

Following that, we spent the rest of the afternoon wandering about the parklands and taking a look at all the other stalls and events.

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