Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Woka Woka - Runcorn

With the opening of Cha Kee earlier in the year, I was very surprised that there would be another Hong Kong Style restaurant opening in the same shopping complex after such a short period of time. Nevertheless, Woka Woka, a store by the owners of Coffee Square, opened up a couple weeks ago.

They had a copy of their menu stuck to their outside wall, and as far as we could see, they had not established any form of daily set meals.

There was a small queue when we got there and we had to wait around 20 mins before a table was free.

The inside decor was definitely in line with Coffee Square and Fusion 360, the other restaurant by the same owners.

The menu was extensive, and contained many options, including rice, noodles, pasta, sandwiches, congee, and snacks.

The placemat was adorned with the same description of Hong Kong Cuisine as that which was found in Coffee Square. 

Water was provided upon request, although complementary tea didn't seem to be available. 

First to arrive was the Woka Woka Signature Fried Rice. I was quite surprised at the portion size and my companion was very pleased that the BBQ pork pieces were large cuts rather than the tiny chopped up pieces you get in other stores. I tried a spoon myself, and liked how the rice was soft but not oily.

I ordered the crab with stir fried yi mien. Whilst there wasn't a huge amount of Crab in the dish, I was still appreciative that it was a significant amount, and it was a really nice change not to need to shell the crab. I liked how the noodles were cooked to just the right texture (soft but not too soft), and the sauce was flavoursome and delicious. For $14 I found it to be an excellent deal.

Being a traditional HongKonger, my other companion ordered the stir fried wagyu beef ho fan, which is quite an iconic dish in Hong Kong. I tried some, and found the beef to be perfectly tender. The ho fan was also quite tender and the dish wasn't too oily. 

The second time we attended, I went there with a friend who claimed to be "sick" (he wasn't really sick, he was just a constant whinger). He had the abalone, shark fin and chicken congee. I stole half of it. I really enjoyed the texture of the congee, as expected from a coffee square chain. I loved the added texture of the abalone and shark fin, which added a lot more complexity to the dish and also made it very tasty. I found there to be rather small portions of chicken in it though.

That evening, I had the baked spaghetti bolognaise. The spaghetti was cooked to a good level of tenderness, but the sauce was more on the sweet side compared to what I usually like, and it could have a bit more cheese. I'm sure given enough time to adjust it would probably improve.

Price Range: $10 - $20 per person

Taste: 8/10
Value: 8/10
Service: 7/10
Environment: 7.5/10

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